Friday, June 27, 2014

Zúna, Green Business and the POWER of Serendipity at Seats2meet.....

Zúna, Green Business

Yesterday at Seats2meet Utrecht Michiel Ton invited people to join a New To Seats Session at a Roundtable.... i am not new but i am always interested to find Serendipity!  After all Seats2meet is called the Serendipity Machine..... And i have met many very many interesting people!

It was no different yesterday when i met the Founder of Zuna A Green Business!

 Zuna means Abundance and aims at Abundance for the people in Africa!

Zúna fulfils an important role by linking clean energy solutions for households with families in rural Africa.

 Cooking food with less or without wood, charcoal or bio-gas is possible,
with the help of the sun! Therefore, Zúna also promotes Solar Cooking!

 Beautiful rural Africa has many challenges for rural communities, and Zúna wants to take on these challenges.

The founder of Zuna had been working on Facebook Likes for 6 month and had 74 when i visited her page yesterday.... after just One connection made at Seats2meet Utrecht Zuna found a lot more likes within 24 hours right now she has 120 likes but what is much more important the great content that she had posted on her ZUNA Facebook Page reached 33.459 people on the One Person Can Make A Difference and One Earth One Mission Facebook Pages! A Big DIfference in Reach after just one posting within 24 hours.....

Look at this great post:

Deberrah the founder of Zuna is looking for people who can help her build ZUNA who have the business background we share 10 connections on Linkedin i am sure this number will grow very fast since most people in my network are working towards a much more sustainable future!

Seats2meet is the meetingspace and co working space where like minded people can find the right matches via the Serendipity Machine or via Networking events and sessions! A Coffee Break at Toomas Espressobar has been the most effective Serendepity Moment for me so far... or at Lunchtime....Having Lunch together and learning about how people can help each wonderful!

The difference between a page with 100K Likes and a page with 74 likes can be bridged with just one single meeting! Its all about being open for Serendipity!

Anyone who is interested in how i think about Seats2meet and the Founder Ronald van den Hoff just take a look at my social media streams use on my Twitter account @HansLak and see what you can find about #S2M #serendipity #Society30 @society30 etc.... You can also visit Ronald van den Hoff's Linkedin Profile and read my recommendation! He really is one of the most inspiring Changemakers in my Network! Kudos to Seats2meet  Utrecht one of the coolest co working spaces in the world!

The books about this Serendipity machine and Society 3.0 are a Must read for Changemakers!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Sharing ownership is pure strength! - Society 3.0

Sharing ownership is pure strength! - Society 3.0

Tesla Motor Cars hit the news
this week by announcing that it had released all of its patents. This
way they create an enormous growth of the market for electric cars and
indirect growth for Tesla, as one of the market leaders.

It becomes clear that a new world has arisen parallel to our current
conventional economic reality, which is creating sustainable value every
day. This added value does not always go hand in hand with monetary
reward. I’m talking about a world where people and some organizations
work together in coalitions of opportunity and temporary collaborations.
And, these people share, share, and share. In this world, it is
understood that sharing is equal to multiplying. A revolution in
thinking has taken place in this world. One that seems to be very
profitable: in value and especially in happiness.

Where can you find this world? Everywhere. The easiest road is found
on the Internet. I am talking about the world of (virtual) social
networks. Many think it is a strange and especially fast-paced world
that flies past like a bullet train, but this is not the case for the
people who have already jumped onboard…

If you watch a train drive by, it’s traveling very fast, but if you
are on board that train, it doesn’t feel like you are traveling that
swiftly. The train even seems like a haven. It is a place to reflect. A
place to meet other people, start up a conversation, and listen to other
people’s stories.

Virtual and social mesh networks
are places on the Internet where like-minded people find each other.
Outsiders often do not understand this, and thus underestimate the
strength behind them. A new world literally opens up for members of
these networks; there’s an abundance of ideas, knowledge, and lots of
amazing people. Money is not necessarily the leading motive here. There
are almost natural universal ethics, and an unwritten constructive code
of conduct is upheld. Many discussions take place in and about this
world while – a very important factor for me – a lot of responsibility
is shown. After people connect, they begin to share. They share
knowledge and experiences about all kinds of products and services.
Ultimately, people start making stuff themselves. Or, they “co-create”
stuff with organizations they like. Publishing, access to knowledge,
actually making or producing stuff, thanks to 3D printers, is not for
the happy few anymore.

Outsiders and established market players fail to notice this and are
in danger of missing the boat. There are endless forms of collaboration.
There are project groups and knowledge-based groups, but there are also
groups with a commercial goal, who, as a group, buy or sell their
(group) services. Informal social networks of connected people are our
future powerhouses, or rather, power sources. Some already are! As a
government, entrepreneur, service provider, or manufacturer, it is
paramount to enter into this world. And not to fight it. In principle,
it’s never too late, but remember that developments in our Mesh move
faster than you are used to, so, no longer wait to board your train!

By Ronald van den Hoff Author of Society 3.0 

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The world is CHANGING great FOOD for THOUGHT!

 The past 2 months have been amazing for One Person Can Make A Difference on Facebook! CHANGE YES WE CAN!

Its great to see how the world is changing but many people need food for thought on how they can BE THE CHANGE!
Please take a look at these videos and find out how you can make a difference how you can help us build a brighter future!
Building a smarter planet Starts with Connection!
Lets try to connect and build a MESHWORK!
 Find and connect with Hans Lak on Linkedin
My Poken Profile

Did you watch We Are All One?
Did you watch the Great Dicator Speech by Charly Chaplin?
Did you watch YOU MATTER?
Did you watch Moving Forward?
Did you watch the Wake Up Call?
Did you watch Capitalism A Love Story?
Did you watch Overdose the next Financial Crisis
Did you watch Money as Debt?
Did you watch Monopoly Men the federal reserve fraud?
Did you watch Money Banking and the FED?
The American Dream?
Global Warming Meat the Truth
Overfishing Sea the Truth

Adversaries to Allies   Adversaries to Allies TED TALK by Nadine Hack 

Nadine Hack  defies concept that seemingly opposite ideas can't work together. A master bridge-builder, who has worked with Nelson Mandela & other leaders from all sectors, she has turned adversaries into allies globally.

Last but not least Ronald van den Hoff's Masterclass Presentation on Society 3.0
A must watch for all the people who want to build a brighter a sustainable future! 
This is the download link for your free E book about Society 3.0!

Go to for your free download of the Society 3.0 book : code KG9QTQRR5D


Any other suggestions? Let us know!
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