Tuesday, August 14, 2018

World Travel & Tourism Industry Pledges Climate Neutrality

Great NEWS from the UNFCCC about the WTCC :World Travel & Tourism Industry Pledges Climate Neutrality now let's see how the worlds leading tourism destinations join Tourism4SDGs.org by the UNWTO to drive positive change including climate actoion leadership Austria Switzerland and Germany three of the top 10 leading Sustainable Development Ranking nations can lead the way

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has signed up to the United Nations Climate Neutral Now initiative with a pledge to measure its greenhouse gas emissions, reduce what it can and offset the rest, while promoting the same climate-friendly regimen to its 150 members worldwide.
This pledge adds momentum to global climate action taken by organizations, companies, events and individuals to limit the average global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, in line with the goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.
Travel and tourism generates just over 10% of global GDP and plays a crucial role in climate change. WTTC supports 313 million jobs in this industry and seeks to reduce 50% of total travel and tourism carbon emissions by 2035.
During the this year’s WTTC Global Summit, WTTC announced a partnership with UN Climate Change and agreed on a common agenda for climate action in travel and tourism.
The Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change Patricia Espinosa said: “We recognize that Travel and Tourism has a huge role to play in addressing climate change. While climate change itself poses significant risks to some tourism destinations, in many of the most high-risk areas, tourism can provide opportunities for communities to build resilience to its impacts.”
As part of the commitment, WTTC will compile the best sustainability practices in the travel and tourism sector and encourage companies to set science-based targets.
Chris Nassetta, WTTC Chair and CEO of Hilton said: “Building on the global scientific consensus around decarbonization efforts that came out of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and WTTC’s subsequent call for the dialogue on carbon to turn to science-based targets, now it is time to turn that dialogue into action.”
To push for sustainable growth in tourism, WTTC has initiated the “Tourism For Tomorrow” awards to encourage companies to do business in an environmentally-friendly way. This involves a wide range of activities such as investments in green technologies, development of environmental policies, and strategies to address climate change.
Here are 10 categories of climate action in the travel and tourism industry in which stakeholders have demonstrated inspiring leadership:
1. Supplying sustainably sourced food:
  • The Accor Hotel chain grows its own vegetables, on site, at many of its hotels.
  • Soneva Group in South East Asia also grows organic food to serve its guests 15,000kg of produce per year, worth 48,000 USD.
  • Virgin Atlantic has worked with the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) to create the world’s first framework designed to address the sustainability challenges of inflight catering.
2. Using renewable energy
  • Xanterra Parks & Resorts powers its Ohio park with a 10kilowatt wind turbine and uses electric vehicles to transport guests and laundry.
3. Using sustainability dashboards
  • Many companies now use a dashboard monitoring system to measure carbon emissions and energy usage. In March 2017, EarthCheck launched the Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard to gather information on global tourism and sustainable development. Their clients operate across 70 countries in more than 30 tourism sectors.
4. Improving technology
  • The Climate Neutral Group and its partners developed Carmacal, a tourism oriented businessto-business carbon calculator able to provide carbon footprints for complete holiday and travel packages.
  • Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) now paints its ship hulls with nontoxic coatings to reduce fuel consumption by up to five percent. In addition the association uses LED lights, higher efficiency appliances and solar panel installations to provide emissions-free energy.
5. Reducing water usage and waste
  • Chepu Adventures Ecolodge in Chile displays resource usage, and challenges customers to use maximum amounts of water and energy per person with tablet screens in each room.
6. Using electric vehicles and alternative fuel
  • Many large car rental companies now offer electric and hybrid vehicles as a standard. Enterprise Renta-Car established the Institute for Renewable Fuels which works towards the advancement of alternative fuels and clean technologies. 
7. Offsetting from large corporations
  • Marriott has committed 2 million USD to preserve the Juma reserve in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest.
  • Over 30 International Air Transport Association (IATA) member airlines have introduced an offset program either in their websales engines or through a third party offset provider.
8. Using cycling options for transport
  • Paradisus Playa del Carmen, run by Meliá Hotels International encourages the use of bicycles among its staff and has improved its local community’s access to wellbeing facilities through donating a bike path and a sports park. Many other hotels also offer free bike hire to encourage guests to travel sustainably.
9. Building infrastructure with sustainable materials and low-impact designs
  • InterContinental San Francisco is a LEED Goldcertified hotel with about 2 million gallons of water saved each year from low-flow faucets and toilets, as well as other water-reduction features.
  • The Zetter Hotel in London used sustainably sourced building materials and is controlled by an intelligent building management system.
10. Protecting local environment and enhancing biodiversity
  • Misool resort in Indonesia has established an 828 sq km ‘No take zone’ where all fishing, shark finning, and harvesting of turtle eggs and shellfish are prohibited. As a result, fish biomass has increased by over 250% in the last six years, and in some areas, the increase has been over 600%.
  • Over the last 17 years, Biosphere Expeditions has delivered over 150,000 hours of voluntourism, wildlife conservation and research, helping projects such as the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area.
As part of the “Common Agenda For Climate Action”, the WTTC engagement with the UN Climate Change, Global Climate Action will be showcased in a Travel & Tourism event at the upcoming COP24 in Katowice, Poland.
To learn more about World Travel & Tourism Council visit: https://www.wttc.org/
To learn more about Climate Neutral Now visit: www.ClimateNeutralNow.org

Monday, August 6, 2018

Great news from my Hometown Utrecht in the Netherlands it looks like after the Start of the Tour De France the Vuelta will also start in the Netherlands in the Bike Capital of the world! Keep your fingers crossed! I have never seen so many happy people in Utrecht as in that Grand Depart weekend! Simply fantastic what Cor Jansen and his team have done for the Global Goals City of Utrecht! Looking forward to 2020! I had a great afterparty with Cor Jansen where he told me i have been riding the Ötztal Radmarathon...because of my cap he told me all the details about the tour...RESPECT its the toughest race i know...gave him a Sölden Cap that Jack Falkner gave me... for very inspiring people...and Cor is very inspiring first the Giro in Utrecht next the Tour de France and now we have good hope for the Vuelta in 2020! Mindblowing! But that is the Bike Capital of the world...The Global Goals City of Utrecht is leading not just on Sustainability Innovation with their focus on healthy urban living. Projects like We Drive Solar attract visitors from all over the world....

Friday, August 3, 2018

Let’s make tourism a driver for realizing the #SDGs

Let’s make tourism a driver for realizing the #SDGs  #Mission2030
Promoting a greater engagement of the tourism sector with sustainable development is the main objective of the Tourism for SDGs Platform. The online tool is designed to advance the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through tourism, and was developed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) with the support of Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) constitute an ambitious global agenda for people, planet, prosperity and peace through partnerships. The SDGs aim to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and solve climate change by 2030. The economic relevance of tourism, representing up to 10% of the world’s GDP and employment, makes harnessing its full potential essential for the advancement of the SDGs.
Tourism4SDGs.org is a co-creation space that allows users to access a wide range of resources, add their own initiatives, findings and projects, motivate discussion and collaboration, and share content related to tourism and sustainable development.
“Tourism plays a vital role in many, if not all, of the 17 Goals”, said UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili. “Tourism has come of age as a cross-cutting economic activity with deep social ramifications, and the Tourism for SDGs Platform is providing the global tourism community with a space to co-create and engage to realize the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Monday, July 30, 2018

Great statement on #Sustainability in the Ötztal by Oliver Schwarz the CEO of Oetztal Tourism

is deeply felt, maintained and carried out with sincerity and AUTHENTICITY,and further encouraged in as many ways as possible. Otherwise it would be nothing more than a buzzword. Wise words by the CEO of Ötztal Oliver Schwarz in the Magazine

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Great news! #Austria plans to launch 100,000 #solar roof program - as part of their switch to 100% #renewableenergy by 2030! #mission2030 Look how @hotelstrass in #Mayrhofen has been harvesting the sun since over 15 years great forward thinking sustainability management! pic.twitter.com/FIEG6g1QQN  We will see how we can go even further.. e Mobility transformation etc

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

GREAT NEWS Up 2 places to #15 on the top 100 Leaders from Multilateral Organisations

A great honor to be part of such an inspiring group of global thought leaders, for a better world . Thanks @Richtopia for this privilege. #SDGs #GlobalGoals #AGENDA2030 #Mission2030 #YesWeCan GREAT NEWS Up 2 places to #15 on the top 100 Leaders from Multilateral Organisations Find out more about these inspiring changemakers from this Richtopia list: https://richtopia.com/inspirational-people/multilateral-organisation-influencers-top-100

  WOW Awesome Check this list A great honor to be part of such an inspiring group of global thought leaders, for a better world . Thanks Richtopia for this privilege. #SDGs #GlobalGoals #Mission2030 GREAT NEWS Up 2 places to #15 on the top 100 Leaders from Multilateral Organisations Can we change the world? YES WE CAN! #inspiration #changingtheworld #ExitOil #KeepItInTheGround

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Three ways to happiness bridging these devides!

LOVE THIS way to show the #SDGs which can be summarized in terms of three groups that deal with the social divide, the ecological divide, and the spiritual divide love this food for thought by Otto Scharmer #GlobalGoals is about bridging these devides! Connect the dots! Read more....

Friday, February 16, 2018

Finding Your perfect role to work on sustainable development

Building a brighter future is all about embracing #VUCA Creating a VUCA #Mindset and about respecting #Serendipity

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
VUCA is an acronym used to describe or reflect on the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of general conditions and situations. The notion of VUCA was introduced by the U.S. Army War College to describe the more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambigious multilateral world which resulted from the end of the Cold War. The common usage of the term VUCA began in the 1990s and derives from military vocabulary.[1] It has been subsequently used in emerging ideas in strategic leadership that apply in a wide range of organizations, including everything from for-profit corporations[2] to education.[3]
The deeper meaning of each element of VUCA serves to enhance the strategic significance of VUCA foresight and insight as well as the behaviour of groups and individuals in organizations.[4] It discusses systemic failures[5] and behavioural failures,[5] which are characteristic of organisational failure.
  • V = Volatility. The nature and dynamics of change, and the nature and speed of change forces and change catalysts.
  • U = Uncertainty. The lack of predictability, the prospects for surprise, and the sense of awareness and understanding of issues and events.
  • C = Complexity. The multiplex of forces, the confounding of issues, no cause-and-effect chain and confusion that surround an organization.
  • A = Ambiguity. The haziness of reality, the potential for misreads, and the mixed meanings of conditions; cause-and-effect confusion.
Building the right teams for these challenging circumstances and accelerating the #GlobalGoals is all about connecting the dots...not just the right skills but also the motivation of the team members... Take a look at this Formula for Competence by Ilkka Kakko

It is not just about #Knowledge not just about #Skills but also about #Wills
The #PostNormalEra List of Changes that Ilkka Kakko presented in his bookwill show you how important #connectivity, #collaboration and socal capital will become in the PostNormalEra the #VUCA Era your CV? Will be replaced by your #Klout #Kred en #Linkedin #SSI Score...and as i would like to add information about the Roles that are a perfect match for you! Teamily is using artificial intelligence to detect the roles that you match via your LinkedIn Profile!
Let me be your #Catalyst for Change if you are working on building a brighter Future!
My Roles: Connector 100%...well did not see that one coming....LOL and 4 other roles with each 75%....

And last but not least...the #Challenger

But it is not just about the skills, the roles...where do you find the #Motivation?
Via the Causes we care about? Maybe...
I have added many causes on my Linkedin Profile because of my One Person Can Make A Difference...My One Earth One Mission

  • Animal Welfare
  • Children
  • Civil Rights and Social Action
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
  • Politics
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Services
  • crowdfunding
  • people power
If you want to put this in one single picture what do you get?
The UN Global Goals or as i have written in 2012 my Agenda 2022
Lets connect the dots! We will only be able to accelerate the Global Goals if we work together...so please check your roles..and see where we can connect via social networking sites on my about me page I am here to help you make a Difference not just on Linkedin but everywhere!
Hans Lak
Catalyst for Change!