Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Three ways to happiness bridging these devides!

LOVE THIS way to show the #SDGs which can be summarized in terms of three groups that deal with the social divide, the ecological divide, and the spiritual divide love this food for thought by Otto Scharmer #GlobalGoals is about bridging these devides! Connect the dots! Read more....

Friday, February 16, 2018

Finding Your perfect role to work on sustainable development

Building a brighter future is all about embracing #VUCA Creating a VUCA #Mindset and about respecting #Serendipity

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
VUCA is an acronym used to describe or reflect on the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of general conditions and situations. The notion of VUCA was introduced by the U.S. Army War College to describe the more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambigious multilateral world which resulted from the end of the Cold War. The common usage of the term VUCA began in the 1990s and derives from military vocabulary.[1] It has been subsequently used in emerging ideas in strategic leadership that apply in a wide range of organizations, including everything from for-profit corporations[2] to education.[3]
The deeper meaning of each element of VUCA serves to enhance the strategic significance of VUCA foresight and insight as well as the behaviour of groups and individuals in organizations.[4] It discusses systemic failures[5] and behavioural failures,[5] which are characteristic of organisational failure.
  • V = Volatility. The nature and dynamics of change, and the nature and speed of change forces and change catalysts.
  • U = Uncertainty. The lack of predictability, the prospects for surprise, and the sense of awareness and understanding of issues and events.
  • C = Complexity. The multiplex of forces, the confounding of issues, no cause-and-effect chain and confusion that surround an organization.
  • A = Ambiguity. The haziness of reality, the potential for misreads, and the mixed meanings of conditions; cause-and-effect confusion.
Building the right teams for these challenging circumstances and accelerating the #GlobalGoals is all about connecting the dots...not just the right skills but also the motivation of the team members... Take a look at this Formula for Competence by Ilkka Kakko

It is not just about #Knowledge not just about #Skills but also about #Wills
The #PostNormalEra List of Changes that Ilkka Kakko presented in his bookwill show you how important #connectivity, #collaboration and socal capital will become in the PostNormalEra the #VUCA Era your CV? Will be replaced by your #Klout #Kred en #Linkedin #SSI Score...and as i would like to add information about the Roles that are a perfect match for you! Teamily is using artificial intelligence to detect the roles that you match via your LinkedIn Profile!
Let me be your #Catalyst for Change if you are working on building a brighter Future!
My Roles: Connector 100%...well did not see that one coming....LOL and 4 other roles with each 75%....

And last but not least...the #Challenger

But it is not just about the skills, the roles...where do you find the #Motivation?
Via the Causes we care about? Maybe...
I have added many causes on my Linkedin Profile because of my One Person Can Make A Difference...My One Earth One Mission

  • Animal Welfare
  • Children
  • Civil Rights and Social Action
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
  • Politics
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Services
  • crowdfunding
  • people power
If you want to put this in one single picture what do you get?
The UN Global Goals or as i have written in 2012 my Agenda 2022
Lets connect the dots! We will only be able to accelerate the Global Goals if we work please check your roles..and see where we can connect via social networking sites on my about me page I am here to help you make a Difference not just on Linkedin but everywhere!
Hans Lak
Catalyst for Change!

Monday, February 12, 2018

The 100 Most Influential People From Multilateral Organisations

A great honor to be part of such an inspiring group of global thought leaders, for a better world . Thanks Richtopia for this privilege. #SDGs #GlobalGoals #AGENDA2030 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The 100 Most Influential People From Multilateral Organisations (TOP LIST)

Nice surprise to be in this algorithm created list!  The 100 Most Influential People From Multilateral Organisations (TOP LIST): Whether you’re new to the world of multilateral organisations or spent years around NGOs. You could be worse-off than to read the biographies.. READ MORE... Nice to be on the list One Person Can make a difference Hans Lak `

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sustainability Education is key to achieving the Global Goals!

Check out this link to find out how we can create awareness and accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals that right now only 1 in 10 knows about!  is where the Universal Sustainability Education will evolve!

Monday, June 12, 2017

The future of mobility is 100% electric and smart... shared

BMWi the first car company to Accelerate the Global Goals with this all new BMWi3 in #SDGs Design. We are proud to demonstrate future mobility in this most sustainable production car in the world... by the most sustainable car company in the world, it can not get much better next step 100% Autonomous!
Utrecht is the fastest growing city in Europe and the most healthy city of The Netherlands. On top of that, Utrecht is one of the most happy cities in the world according to the United Nations. Utrecht is also the most inspiring #GlobalGoals City this new BMW i3 in #SDGs design for Utrecht for Global Goals will further accelerate the Sustainable Development in Utrecht! Everyone should try 100% electric mobility. Wouldn't it be fantastic f Utrecht would soon be the No.1 eMobility city in the world? Now number 2 behind Oslo!

The world is in motion and we’re in motion too. Motion means change and change is exciting. More and more people across the globe are calling their own values into question and thinking about how they could live more aware lives.At BMW i, this change in mindset has led to a new era in which, for the first time ever, vehicles are developed from the ground up with sustainable mobility in mind. In this context, the BMW i3 is more than a car. It is proof that responsibility and driving pleasure complement one another to perfection. It’s time to lead by example. And experience a new form of driving pleasure. Amen to this statement by BMWi a company designed with Sustainability on top of the to do list!

The finest form of pleasure is spontaneous pleasure – as spontaneous as the all-electric BMW eDrive system. As you move off in the BMW i3, just dipping the accelerator is enough to deploy full torque and pull away powerfully in near silence. And by the way: the same pedal also lets you brake, because the moment you lift off the accelerator, you feel the car start to brake. That’s because your BMW i3 is recovering the available kinetic energy and using it to charge the battery. This “one-pedal feeling”, as we call this innovation, not only enables you to experience driving like never before, but also extends your driving range.

Sustainability at BMW i is not simply just a word. It is our supreme guiding principle. This is why we have designed the entire life cycle of the BMW i3 in line with the principle of maximum conservation of resources and sustainability. With the BMW i3 it’s easy to make sustainability part of your everyday life. Zero emissions at the point of use means less air pollution in urban areas and more fresh air for you to breathe. When you fill up with green power or generate your own electricity with solar panels, you get to enjoy totally emission-free mobility. And driving in ECO PRO mode cuts your power consumption and increases your driving range. Added to which, in your BMW i3 you generate virtually no noise or odours, benefitting both yourself and your environment. Up to 95% of the BMW i3 is recycable.
Lets demonstrate the world at #COP23 in Bonn the Future of Mobility! 100% Electric as sustainable as possible...this car will put a smile on many faces of Petrol Heads...Most people who oppose electric driving have no idea how much more fun it the right car! This BMWi 3 is a Mind Changer....Fast 0-100 in 7 seconds and with all the sustainable luxury anyone could demand....
Big thank you to BMWi Nederlandand Ekris BMW Utrecht for supporting the Global Goals!


At our production plant in Leipzig we have installed wind turbines to enable us to manufacture the BMW i3 with green power. On top of this, even compared to the low energy requirements for the production of other BMW models, we have managed to halve the amount of energy required to produce a BMW i3. The carbon fibres from which the BMW i3’s ultralight passenger cell is made are produced with energy generated entirely from renewables. The power comes from one of the world’s largest hydroelectric plants at Moses Lake, some 300 kilometres east of Seattle.


Components made of 30 % kenaf. Using kenaf for larger interior surfaces allows us to substitute petroleum-based plastics and reduce the overall weight of the BMW i3, because kenaf fibres are up to 30 % lighter than conventional materials. Seats with 40 % pure new wool. One renewable material that offers a high level of comfort is certified pure new wool. In the Lodge interior design package, this accounts for 40 % of the material in the seat covers. Interior trim in eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is naturally resistant to moisture. That means it needs around 90 % less surface finishing than more traditional types of wood. 100 % olive-leaf-tanned leather. The leather in the BMW i3 is 100 % tanned with natural extracts of olive leaves. This has several advantages: olive leaves are otherwise just a by-product of olive farming, and this puts them to good use.


Sustainability at BMW i is not simply just a word. It is our supreme guiding principle. This is why we have designed the entire life cycle of the BMW i3 in line with the principle of maximum conservation of resources and sustainability. With the BMW i3 it’s easy to make sustainability part of your everyday life. Zero emissions at the point of use means less air pollution in urban areas and more fresh air for you to breathe. When you fill up with green power or generate your own electricity with solar panels, you get to enjoy totally emission-free mobility. And driving in ECO PRO mode cuts your power consumption and increases your driving range. Added to which, in your BMW i3 you generate virtually no noise or odours, benefitting both yourself and your environment. Up to 95% of the BMW i3 is recycable.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Sir Ken Robinson about the worlds largest lesson

A message from Sir Ken Robinson about the World's Largest Lesson from World's Largest Lesson on Vimeo.

Please follow @TeachSDGs on Twitter or just follow me @HansLak since i retweet all the interesting #TeachSDGs tweets i can find! Together we build a brighter Future! #YOUMATTER

Friday, June 2, 2017

Utrecht Global Goals City als hart van sociale innovatie

Gisteren een heel erg inspirerende brainstorming gehad over de Global Goals de sustainable development goals en hoe Utrecht als Global Goals city de doelen nog veel leuker en makkelijker kan bereiken! Dennis Nolte de bedenker van de VIP Bus heeft een geweldige visie op de toekomst waar ik me 100% in kan vinden! De mensen echt centraal stellen en helpen hun dromen waar te maken! Ik heb Dennis leren kennen bij een CU2030 event in het Beatrixgebouw waar ze hun werk voor de Gemeente Utrecht via betaal met je verhaal in de VIP bus lieten zien... daar heb ik Dennis Nolte Stedebouwkundige Doesjka Majdandzic en de leukste beste kapper van Utrecht Raymond van der Vlist meegenomen naar de 6 verdieping van het Beatrixgebouw waar ik toen ik het Startupweekend Utrecht en de Global Goals / B Corporation opzet voor alle Startups aan het voorbereiden was in de hele Skybar! Er was direct een click met het trio en ook plannen om met de VIP bus samen het verschil te gaan maken in UTRECHT!

De VIPbus - een mobiel stadslab voor Utrecht

Een rijdende huiskamer, werkplaats, podium en experimenteerplek in één. Dat is de VIPbus met haar bemanning. Een plek waar jij niet heen hoeft te gaan, maar die naar jouw buurt komt als troubleshooter, inspiratiebooster of veilige anders-dan-anders werkplek. Bevolkt door mensen met verstand van zaken, creatief, enthousiast en inspirerend en een groot Utrechts netwerk. Onafhankelijk van instanties en overheid. De VIPbus wordt een mobiel ‘stadslab’ voor de inwoners van Utrecht. Je kunt de bus uitnodigen in jouw buurt en hij komt langs als het nodig is.
De VIPbus tourt door Utrecht en sinds december 2009 in de provincie op zoek naar vernieuwende ideeën en projecten op het gebied van cultuur, ondernemen, passie en talent. De VIPbus laat de Utrechter proeven aan een nieuwe kaders, nieuwe ideeën en het als doel om mensen te inspireren en te ondersteunen van passie werk te maken. VIP verleidt mensen om over de persoonlijke horizon te kijken. De VIPbus ondersteunt pioniers in de dop met ideeën die een verschil maken in sociale innovatie. En dat vanaf nu dus ook met de Global Goals als DOEL van de transitie die de Very Inspiring People in Utrecht mee gaan maken! Iedereen kan het verschil maken voor de duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelen!
In 2015 legden193 wereldleiders deze doelen vast. De Verenigde Naties roept iedereen op hieraan een bijdrage te leveren.
De Gemeente Utrecht, het team Utrecht4GlobalGoals bewoners en bedrijven organiseren samen activiteiten in de stad om deze doelen bekend te maken voor bewoners.
Wie mee wil denken en doen om Utrecht als Global Goals City nog beter op de kaart te zetten..we zijn al de meest inspirerende Gemeente van Nederland kan op kijken en zich aansluiten!
Als verbinder en Katalysator help ik Stichting Technotrend om de Energy Challenges in de komende jaren naar alle scholen in Utrecht te brengen door coalities met bedrijven.
Met ben ik internationaal achter de schermen bezig om Sustainable Development Education naar alle scholen van de wereld te brengen!
Worlds Largest Lesson heeft daar samen met Unicef en Microsoft Education een mooie cursus voor gemaakt This short course is designed for educators and all those who would like to teach children and young people about the Sustainable Development Goals, commonly known as the Global Goals. It is intended to support the teaching of the World’s Largest Lesson and all other efforts to educate and engage children and young people so that they support the Sustainable Development Goals and want to turn their support into action.
Ik ben jaren geleden met One Person Can Make A Difference begonnen omdat ik weet dat iedereen HET VERSCHIL kan maken...Facebook is helaas niet meer wat het geweest is, wie ooit puur zonder te betalen een foto met 600.000 Likes heeft gehad en een weekly organic reach van 9 Miljoen...die heeft moeite met het feit dat Facebook pages alleen nog tegen betaling echte REACH kunnen krijgen! En dan ook nog eens weinig voor veel geld..Met Social Media heeft dat niets meer te maken! Deze video die ik op 5 december 2010 gepost heb WE ARE ALL ONE is al meer dan 200.000 keer geshared...totdat Facebook in September 2014 heeft geschreven je hebt nu recht op GRATIS marketing nog meer mensen te bereiken...einde van organic reach!Een Video met 218,794 shares stopt niet zomaar...10 Minuten die iedereen raken en die bijna iedereen deelt....
This incredible short film shares an Indigenous Native American Prophecy that links all of life and the future of our planet. Please watch and share! This is the shor Url for this video
We want to encourage all the people to make a difference!
Spread the understanding that everyone has an individual power to make a difference invite your friends to join us!
What can one person do? Help, give, care, share, like, follow
Everything you do counts! Every share every like every thought...
My Network of Changemakers on Linkedin is strong but every new connection makes it stronger If you want our networking support for your CAUSES Please connect! We will try to help you make a BIGGER DIFFERENCE!
Follow One Person On Twitter
We are all one is de boodschap die perfect aansluit bij de duurzame toekomst die we samen moeten bouwen! Lets connect the dots! Utrecht heeft meer sociale innovatie dan welke andere stad in Europa ook... TROTS op zo veel mensen die het verschil willen maken voor een betere toekomst! Het zijn de mensen die een stad maken...
Voor meer informatie over de Global Goals is dit de beste link

Monday, May 15, 2017

Let's Connect all Learning to the UN Global Goals!

1.2 billion students, 270 million children out of school and 60 million
teachers can be a massive movement that works towards the global goals #GLOBALGOALS #SDGs #2030NOW