Thursday, June 12, 2014

The world is CHANGING great FOOD for THOUGHT!

 The past 2 months have been amazing for One Person Can Make A Difference on Facebook! CHANGE YES WE CAN!

Its great to see how the world is changing but many people need food for thought on how they can BE THE CHANGE!
Please take a look at these videos and find out how you can make a difference how you can help us build a brighter future!
Building a smarter planet Starts with Connection!
Lets try to connect and build a MESHWORK!
 Find and connect with Hans Lak on Linkedin
My Poken Profile

Did you watch We Are All One?
Did you watch the Great Dicator Speech by Charly Chaplin?
Did you watch YOU MATTER?
Did you watch Moving Forward?
Did you watch the Wake Up Call?
Did you watch Capitalism A Love Story?
Did you watch Overdose the next Financial Crisis
Did you watch Money as Debt?
Did you watch Monopoly Men the federal reserve fraud?
Did you watch Money Banking and the FED?
The American Dream?
Global Warming Meat the Truth
Overfishing Sea the Truth

Adversaries to Allies   Adversaries to Allies TED TALK by Nadine Hack 

Nadine Hack  defies concept that seemingly opposite ideas can't work together. A master bridge-builder, who has worked with Nelson Mandela & other leaders from all sectors, she has turned adversaries into allies globally.

Last but not least Ronald van den Hoff's Masterclass Presentation on Society 3.0
A must watch for all the people who want to build a brighter a sustainable future! 
This is the download link for your free E book about Society 3.0!

Go to for your free download of the Society 3.0 book : code KG9QTQRR5D


Any other suggestions? Let us know!
Across the world, most people want stronger protections for the environment, greater respect for human- and animal rights, and concerted efforts to end poverty, corruption and war. Together we build a brighter future! 

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