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3 FM Serious Request Hands off our Girls

Een heel erg mooi project dat laat zien hoe veel mensen er in Nederland het verschil maken! Geweldig hoe dit project Nederland tot leven brengt!  Kudos to 3 FM en alle mensen die dit project steunen!

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We Are All One

Friday, September 19, 2014

Ecocide, the 5th Crime Against Peace: Polly Higgins at TEDxExeter

I had a great webinar call with Polly yesterday please watch and share this TED TALK!

We need this ECOCIDE LAW...that means Polly needs our SUPPORT...YOUR SUPPORT! 

Please use the http://www. to post up stuff there and share what you are doing to help support Ecocide Law.

I think the key thing is visibility - do use the Supporting Ecocide law icon (downloadable from and/or make your own.

- I have also posted this up on the http://www.

you all for being a bridge out into your communities and networks - I
shall set up another webinar date at the end of October and I hope we
shall all have much to share about our bridge-building then:-) 

Warmest best wishes,


Polly Higgins

Chief Executive Officer, The Earth Community Trust
Award-winning author of Eradicating Ecocide and Earth is our Business

Chairwoman, the Eradicating Ecocide Global Initiative
Honoris Causa Doctorate, Business School Lausanne
International lawyer

Ecocide, the 5th Crime Against Peace: Polly Higgins at TEDxExeter

I had a great webinar call with Polly yesterday please watch and share this TED TALK!

We need this ECOCIDE LAW...that means Polly needs our SUPPORT...YOUR SUPPORT! 

Please use the http://www. to post up stuff there and share what you are doing to help support Ecocide Law.

I think the key thing is visibility - do use the Supporting Ecocide law icon (downloadable from and/or make your own.

- I have also posted this up on the http://www.

you all for being a bridge out into your communities and networks - I
shall set up another webinar date at the end of October and I hope we
shall all have much to share about our bridge-building then:-) 

Warmest best wishes,


Polly Higgins

Chief Executive Officer, The Earth Community Trust
Award-winning author of Eradicating Ecocide and Earth is our Business

Chairwoman, the Eradicating Ecocide Global Initiative
Honoris Causa Doctorate, Business School Lausanne
International lawyer

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Sunday, August 31, 2014


We are all ONE!  Please watch and share this

This incredible short film shares an Indigenous Native American Prophecy that links all of life and the future of our planet. Please watch and share!
We want to encourage all the people to make a difference!
Spread the understanding that everyone has an individual power to make a difference invite your friends to join us!  205.666 shares on Facebook...36.566 Likes..... 


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Seven Signs You're Wasting Your Talent

Seven Signs You're Wasting Your Talent | LinkedIn

When we teach career development courses, we start with the basics:

were born, so you have a reason to be here. You have a little flame
inside you, and you've had it since you were tiny. Your job is to grow
that flame. How will you do that? You'll do it by listening carefully to
your heart and to your body. You'll be receptive to cues from the
universe, no matter what form they take.

see your job search and your career not as a series of X + Y = Z
transactions but as a journey. You'll keep getting closer and closer to
the thing that you were born to do, and your flame will grow in the

Traditionally job-seekers have not been taught that they
have a flame to grow. They've been taught the opposite - that they're
lucky to have a job at all. Why would we believe that?

The earth
is a natural system and a living organism. Surely everyone who is born
on this planet deserves a shot at whatever the force-in-charge put him
or her here to do. So the fearful notion "Be happy you have a job, and
be content with it" is an insult not only to the person to whom it's
directed but to all of us and to whatever power we put our faith in.

would believe the lie that we're meant to have a job, go home, turn on
the TV, take a vacation once a year and then die? There must be more to
this existence, and of course there is. We can make a mark. We can see
things our own way and share that vision with other people. We can make
the world better when we leave it than when we came in.

We can do
it in our professional lives. A job is not a painful burden whose
purpose is to fund the good parts of life. Your job should be one of the
best parts of your life, but most of us have sucked down gallons of
toxic lemonade in the form of the message "No, no - that's asking too
much of your job."

your flame is growing at work, you can't wait to get there. You can't
wait to talk to the customers and vendors and brainstorm with your

We had that energy at U.S. Robotics for years, not
only when the company was tiny but also when it was large. We would not
insult salaried employees with an attendance policy. We hired them, for
Pete's sake - why would we track their movements?

There is no
sense in fear-based management. The Godzilla system in place in most
large companies and institutions isn't run on common sense but on a
bizarre and self-referential Business Logic instead. Here's an example:

Why do you talk that way on the phone sometimes, Dad? You sound like a different person then.

Well, those are business conversations, son. I speak differently in the business world.

Why, Dad?

Because it's business, son. It's more formal.

Why is that?

Because it's business, like I said. It's different from normal life.


Stop asking questions, son.

you aren't growing your flame, your body will let you know. You'll get
headaches and your sleep will suffer. Your back will give out or you'll
catch cold. You can't fool Mother Nature. When you are not in the right
place, the signals will start to show up.

threw out my back and was carried on a stretcher to the hospital, as
undignified a procession as you can imagine. At the hospital they gave
me a muscle relaxant and nuclear-strength painkillers and didn't even
inquire about what might have led to my spine's revolt. It isn't our
habit in the industrialized west to ask penetrating "Why?" questions.

is changing now! We are realizing that our bodies aren't separate from
our conscious brains. When the body isn't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Here are seven signs you're wasting your talent in the job you've got.

Your Resume Isn't Changing

a year it's a good idea to pull out your resume and update it. If you
look at your resume and you can't change anything on it because you
haven't learned anything new, taken on any new responsibility or had any
notable accomplishment, it's time to go. When you aren't moving forward
you are sliding back, because time moves on. If your job consists of
repetition of the same old duties, your dammed-up forward energy is
hurting you and the paycheck is not enough to keep you there.

Your Star Isn't Rising

or not you want to get promoted or become a household name, it's
reasonable to want some recognition for your contribution. If you plod
forward an inch at a time on the job and the people who could influence
your career path (or share some words acknowledging your impact) don't
do it, you're wasting your gifts. You have big things to offer the rest
of us, and you won't be able to do that if the folks around you can't
see what you bring.

Your Flame Isn't Growing

flame grows when you turn inward to retrace your path and get the
learning from it. Your flame flickers and starts to go out when you beat
up on yourself or let other people do it. Your flame burns more
brightly when you step outside your comfort zone and remind yourself
that you are an insanely awesome person with tremendous talents to
share. Your flame diminishes when you let people tell you what you won't
achieve and what you can't do. Why not step out there and do what they
said you couldn't? Living well is the best revenge!

Your Muscles Aren't Getting Bigger

do your muscles grow? There's only one way -- you have to use them.
Your vocal cords are muscles, and so is your truth-telling core. Use it
and see how it gets stronger! You'll be bench-pressing 500 lbs. of
insulting Godzilla dogma once your truth-telling muscles reach their
proper size.

If you're not getting better at spotting and calling
attention to stupid, talent-repelling and anti-human statements, ideas,
practices and policies at work, then your truth-telling muscles are
atrophying. They are getting weaker. Get yourself into a place where you
can find your voice and speak your truth, a little more every day.

Your Sphere of Influence Isn't Expanding

the right job people will notice what you do and thank you for it, even
though it's your job. People will ask you to take on more and try new
things, once they see what you can handle. You will develop a fan club
and they'll help expand your influence beyond your department and your
organization. In the wrong job people will guard their work and their
contacts because they fear that to share them is to give away power.
They'll work to keep your influence from expanding. Do you want to spend
your energy in political squabbles, or changing the world?


ABISHEK: Don, have you got a second?

DON: Sure, what's up?

Yesterday at our meeting, when you mentioned that you're going to put
together a first-half IT recap for the VP meeting, were you thinking
about making that presentation? Because if you like, I'd be happy to
speak to the VPs about what we've been doing.

DON: Yeah? You're comfortable with that? They ask tough questions!

I'm stoked to do it. If you have time to spend an hour with me
anticipating the VPs' questions and helping me formulate answers, I'd be
excited to have that conversation with them. I'm proud of what we've

DON: That's fantastic. I'll send you my notes and then we
can talk about what else should go in that presentation. I'm thinking of
a 15-minute talk. Does that sound right?

ABISHEK: That's great. I
really want to get their thoughts on the new dashboard. I'm not sure
they realize we built that in-house.

DON: I love it. You just took a major headache off my plate.

ABISHEK: Cool. Have a great weekend!


ABISHEK: Don, have you got a second?

DON: Sure, what's up?

Last week at the meeting, you mentioned making a presentation to the
VPs about our first-half results in IT. Have you thought about who you'd
like to design and deliver that presentation?

DON: Well, I have to give it to Rich. He knows the VPs. They're comfortable with him.

ABISHEK: Does Rich want to do it?

No, he hates that stuff, but I can't throw someone else in there, even
you, even my star player, they'd be like "Where's Rich?"

ABISHEK: Why is that, Don?

DON: Old-school network, man. No new information, no new faces if we can help it.

ABISHEK: What about me and Rich presenting as a team?

Listen Abishek, I didn't tell you this, but two months ago at the VP
meeting I said "I'd like to move Abishek into a leadership role, because
he gets things done." The feedback I got was "Let Abishek hit his five
year anniversary with the company and we'll think about it." Sorry to
hit you with that.

ABISHEK: That's two and a half more years! I've been pushing a rock uphill so long already...

DON: I mean, it's a job, right?

Your Marketability Isn't Improving

bad when your job destroys your mojo, but it only adds insult to injury
when the job trashes your marketability, too. That's what happens when
you work for an employer nobody views as smart or forward-looking. It
happens when you don't learn new things you can bring to your next

Your marketability plummets when you don't have new
Dragon-Slaying Stories to tell, and that happens when you don't get to
do anything new.

No employer is worth damaging your resume for.
You're better off contracting and gaining new resume fodder than
becoming a person who does the same thing day after day for years on
end. Who's excited about hiring a person like that, a person with his
gut instincts stifled and flame nearly snuffed?

You're Not Moving Down Your Path

job has to move you down your path toward the future you envision for
yourself. If that isn't happening, don't freak out - just start working
on your resume and thanking the stars for the message "ENOUGH!" that
you're receiving now.

The "Aha!" you might be experiencing is the
first step. Everything else will fall into line when you remember that
nobody has the right to dim your flame.

If they don't get you,
they don't deserve you -- and if you're casting your pearls before
swine, you're better off letting your talents shine forth on a bigger,
brighter stage!

Read Liz Ryan's new story, Don't Give Away Your Magic For Free!

What about Abishek?

In our second script, Abishek got a blast of cold water in the face from his manager Don.

What should Abishek do next? Here's our advice!


you have a great name for the piggie in the image above? Leave your
name idea in a comment. Leave a reply to the comments that include
pig-names you like. Tell us why the pig seems to fit one name or
another. We want to hear from you!

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Our company, Human Workplace, was founded in
2012 to reinvent work for people. Our CEO and Founder Liz Ryan was a
Fortune 500 HR SVP and is now the world's most widely-read career and
workplace advisor.

Thank you for helping us grow the international Human Workplace movement!


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You've got to have support‏ - The Importance of Community - YouTube

Peter's Abundance Espresso Shot #13 - The Importance of Community - YouTube

You've got to have support‏
Do those around you inspire or hinder you? In this Abundance Espresso Shot, I talk about:
The people you go through life with
How the people surrounding you affect your actions
How to surround yourself with a great community

This is essential viewing!

Everyone who wants to make a Difference needs SUPPORT!


What can one person do? Help, give, care, share, like, follow
If you like what we do and want to support us further, please help us with a donation visit our One Person Can Make A Difference blog
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Zúna, Green Business and the POWER of Serendipity at Seats2meet.....

Zúna, Green Business

Yesterday at Seats2meet Utrecht Michiel Ton invited people to join a New To Seats Session at a Roundtable.... i am not new but i am always interested to find Serendipity!  After all Seats2meet is called the Serendipity Machine..... And i have met many very many interesting people!

It was no different yesterday when i met the Founder of Zuna A Green Business!

 Zuna means Abundance and aims at Abundance for the people in Africa!

Zúna fulfils an important role by linking clean energy solutions for households with families in rural Africa.

 Cooking food with less or without wood, charcoal or bio-gas is possible,
with the help of the sun! Therefore, Zúna also promotes Solar Cooking!

 Beautiful rural Africa has many challenges for rural communities, and Zúna wants to take on these challenges.

The founder of Zuna had been working on Facebook Likes for 6 month and had 74 when i visited her page yesterday.... after just One connection made at Seats2meet Utrecht Zuna found a lot more likes within 24 hours right now she has 120 likes but what is much more important the great content that she had posted on her ZUNA Facebook Page reached 33.459 people on the One Person Can Make A Difference and One Earth One Mission Facebook Pages! A Big DIfference in Reach after just one posting within 24 hours.....

Look at this great post:

Deberrah the founder of Zuna is looking for people who can help her build ZUNA who have the business background we share 10 connections on Linkedin i am sure this number will grow very fast since most people in my network are working towards a much more sustainable future!

Seats2meet is the meetingspace and co working space where like minded people can find the right matches via the Serendipity Machine or via Networking events and sessions! A Coffee Break at Toomas Espressobar has been the most effective Serendepity Moment for me so far... or at Lunchtime....Having Lunch together and learning about how people can help each wonderful!

The difference between a page with 100K Likes and a page with 74 likes can be bridged with just one single meeting! Its all about being open for Serendipity!

Anyone who is interested in how i think about Seats2meet and the Founder Ronald van den Hoff just take a look at my social media streams use on my Twitter account @HansLak and see what you can find about #S2M #serendipity #Society30 @society30 etc.... You can also visit Ronald van den Hoff's Linkedin Profile and read my recommendation! He really is one of the most inspiring Changemakers in my Network! Kudos to Seats2meet  Utrecht one of the coolest co working spaces in the world!

The books about this Serendipity machine and Society 3.0 are a Must read for Changemakers!

Check this great BOOK! Go to for your FREE download of the Society 3.0 book : code KG9QTQRR5D

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Sharing ownership is pure strength! - Society 3.0

Sharing ownership is pure strength! - Society 3.0

Tesla Motor Cars hit the news
this week by announcing that it had released all of its patents. This
way they create an enormous growth of the market for electric cars and
indirect growth for Tesla, as one of the market leaders.

It becomes clear that a new world has arisen parallel to our current
conventional economic reality, which is creating sustainable value every
day. This added value does not always go hand in hand with monetary
reward. I’m talking about a world where people and some organizations
work together in coalitions of opportunity and temporary collaborations.
And, these people share, share, and share. In this world, it is
understood that sharing is equal to multiplying. A revolution in
thinking has taken place in this world. One that seems to be very
profitable: in value and especially in happiness.

Where can you find this world? Everywhere. The easiest road is found
on the Internet. I am talking about the world of (virtual) social
networks. Many think it is a strange and especially fast-paced world
that flies past like a bullet train, but this is not the case for the
people who have already jumped onboard…

If you watch a train drive by, it’s traveling very fast, but if you
are on board that train, it doesn’t feel like you are traveling that
swiftly. The train even seems like a haven. It is a place to reflect. A
place to meet other people, start up a conversation, and listen to other
people’s stories.

Virtual and social mesh networks
are places on the Internet where like-minded people find each other.
Outsiders often do not understand this, and thus underestimate the
strength behind them. A new world literally opens up for members of
these networks; there’s an abundance of ideas, knowledge, and lots of
amazing people. Money is not necessarily the leading motive here. There
are almost natural universal ethics, and an unwritten constructive code
of conduct is upheld. Many discussions take place in and about this
world while – a very important factor for me – a lot of responsibility
is shown. After people connect, they begin to share. They share
knowledge and experiences about all kinds of products and services.
Ultimately, people start making stuff themselves. Or, they “co-create”
stuff with organizations they like. Publishing, access to knowledge,
actually making or producing stuff, thanks to 3D printers, is not for
the happy few anymore.

Outsiders and established market players fail to notice this and are
in danger of missing the boat. There are endless forms of collaboration.
There are project groups and knowledge-based groups, but there are also
groups with a commercial goal, who, as a group, buy or sell their
(group) services. Informal social networks of connected people are our
future powerhouses, or rather, power sources. Some already are! As a
government, entrepreneur, service provider, or manufacturer, it is
paramount to enter into this world. And not to fight it. In principle,
it’s never too late, but remember that developments in our Mesh move
faster than you are used to, so, no longer wait to board your train!

By Ronald van den Hoff Author of Society 3.0 

? Go to for your FREE download of the Society 3.0 book : code KG9QTQRR5D

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The world is CHANGING great FOOD for THOUGHT!

 The past 2 months have been amazing for One Person Can Make A Difference on Facebook! CHANGE YES WE CAN!

Its great to see how the world is changing but many people need food for thought on how they can BE THE CHANGE!
Please take a look at these videos and find out how you can make a difference how you can help us build a brighter future!
Building a smarter planet Starts with Connection!
Lets try to connect and build a MESHWORK!
 Find and connect with Hans Lak on Linkedin
My Poken Profile

Did you watch We Are All One?
Did you watch the Great Dicator Speech by Charly Chaplin?
Did you watch YOU MATTER?
Did you watch Moving Forward?
Did you watch the Wake Up Call?
Did you watch Capitalism A Love Story?
Did you watch Overdose the next Financial Crisis
Did you watch Money as Debt?
Did you watch Monopoly Men the federal reserve fraud?
Did you watch Money Banking and the FED?
The American Dream?
Global Warming Meat the Truth
Overfishing Sea the Truth

Adversaries to Allies   Adversaries to Allies TED TALK by Nadine Hack 

Nadine Hack  defies concept that seemingly opposite ideas can't work together. A master bridge-builder, who has worked with Nelson Mandela & other leaders from all sectors, she has turned adversaries into allies globally.

Last but not least Ronald van den Hoff's Masterclass Presentation on Society 3.0
A must watch for all the people who want to build a brighter a sustainable future! 
This is the download link for your free E book about Society 3.0!

Go to for your free download of the Society 3.0 book : code KG9QTQRR5D


Any other suggestions? Let us know!
Across the world, most people want stronger protections for the environment, greater respect for human- and animal rights, and concerted efforts to end poverty, corruption and war. Together we build a brighter future! 

Join the One Person Can Make A Difference Movement

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We are all ONE! - One person can make a difference

We are all ONE! - One person can make a difference

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We Are All One! Must watch video

I posted this video back in 2010 on the One Person Can Make A DIfference Facebook Page because the time is right to RETHINK our FUTURE! To reconnect with Nature! But it was not until a few weeks ago that this inspirational message went viral!
 164.240 shares and almost 5000 wonderful comments! ONE WORD!


Friday, April 18, 2014


 I am probably one of the biggest fans of Society 3.0 and Seats2meet...find out why...

About Society 3.0

A vision, a search, a roadmap to the new world!
“A new order is presenting itself. It may still be an
undercurrent, but maybe that is the best way to grow. We see more and
more people who have clearly chosen how they want to go about with
themselves, their environment and other people.”

Our society is changing and you need to be part of that. We
want to give you the stories, showcases and in depth articles to inspire
you about this Society 3.0. In the world as we see it, access is more
important than ownership.

They are the people we call global citizens: people of the new world.
These Society 3.0 citizens cannot and will not deal with the thinking
of the establishment anymore. They want to add value in their work and
life in a significantly different way, namely by creating value instead
of growth. We think these global citizens – who are increasing in number
daily – are the pillars, which support Society 3.0. Hundreds of
millions of people of the world move around without restraints,
literally unbounded, across borders all over our world. Sometimes they
do this physically, but more often they do so digitally through out the
Internet: the World Wide Web. These people of the world are no longer
bound to old organizations. They have organized themselves in virtual
social networks. They have started to create value in a different way.
They do not work according to a formal organizational structure. They
guide themselves. They are themselves. Their social connections show
great creative vitality and unleash an enormous amount of energy. From
within their self-awareness they respect the individuality of anybody.
People of the world of Society30 are not after personal enrichment at
the expense of others. They share; they are prepared to do a lot for
someone else, without always expecting a monetary reward. They reinvent
society and create all kind of new, fair and sustainable business
models. We think it is both exciting and fun to be such a person, a
Knowmad of the world of Society 3.0.

book_Society30Welcome! With your coupon you are on your way to get a free copy of the book Society 3.0 (commercial value of $15). If you don’t have a coupon, purchase the book here

Follow @hanslak and send me a DM i will give you a Code to download the book! 

We created an extensive online version of Society 3.0. Explore different stories using the tagcloud.

 Follow this link and use the tagcloud to explore the book!

00 SOCIETY 3.0 - Society3.0 Publishing tool Application



Like Society 3.0 on Facebook

Crowd funding is the liberation of capital

Indiegogo is a crowd funding platform that's helped everyone from entrepreneurs to filmmakers -- and even prospective parents -- raise the funds they need to turn their dreams into reality.
Crowd funding is the liberation of capital, a mechanism to underwrite big and bold ideas. It's also a source of capital that is growing exponentially. By the end of 2012 there are expected to be over 500 crowd funding sites generating $2.8 billion in funding -- a fivefold increase in just four years.
Indiegogo has over 7,000 active campaigns at the moment and distributes millions of dollars each week to people participating in campaigns.
Head here to see how strangers can fund your next dream project and tell me about a project you'd like to see financed by the crowd.
-Peter Diamandis

Tell Peter Diamandis how you want to make a Difference!

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Being Optimistic Peter's Abundance Espresso Shot #4 - Peter's Laws #2 & 3

Peter's Abundance Espresso Shot #4 - Peter's Laws #2 & 3 - YouTube

Being optimistic is your free choice!

And its your best shot to build a brighter future!

You can predict the future if you shape it!

Connect with other changemakers and go for it!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The mesh sharing and serendipity

The mesh sharing and serendipity

The Mesh? About the Mesh, Serendipity, Sharing & more…

From a Society30 point
of view, economic growth can no longer be described with indexes such as
GNP (the only reason to show growth in our Gross National Product is to
convince the financial dragons that we are able to repay our debts
within the agreed upon term). The Interdependent Economy of Society30
has other growth regulators than we are used to:

- It is all about what goes out, and not what comes in. So, you will
not hear “Are we richer today than yesterday?” It’s all about people
being better off. Why produce more products that nobody wants?

- It is about connections, not transactions. Growing smart is about
connecting and co-creating, and not just about trading goods with each

- It is about people, not products.

- It is about skills – the commitment and creativity of people.

- It is about openness, fading boundaries, and originality or authenticity. Trusting the processes, trusting each other.

After all, we are able to grow in the indirect tangible affairs mentioned above. This is called social capital.

My question is whether you would want to exactly measure such growth…

The new value networks, the place where the old and the new work
together again, are characterized by clear communication and directly
doing business, designing, producing, and assessing together.

This is The Mesh, not just a network, but the basic foundation of
connected and engaged people that forms the starting point of new value
creating social networks. When I explained this “mesh” concept to the
Dutch philosopher Jan Flameling, he immediately mentioned Gilles Deleuze’s model
for society, a rhizome: a (botanical) organism that, in this case,
allows for multiple, non-hierarchical entry and exit points in data
representation and interpretation.

A grown-up Mesh is an enormous cluster of value networks. Processes
in this chaordic (chaotic and organized) playing field are simplified by
the use of social media and technologies: the “Easycracy,” as Dutch
Management Thinker Martijn Aslander
coined it, arises. Our society will become much flatter, and therefore
simpler, because we are better connected with each other through
knowledge and through transaction systems.

So, a new economic playing field is arising. The alliance of
prosumers with the new Organization 3.0 ensures that consumers are
participants at an early stage, and in doing so, determine what and how
things are being produced. By doing so, all stakeholders in The Mesh of
an organization combine social capital and traditional capital, both of
which are needed to co-create value. According to Lisa Gansky, author of
the book The Mesh,
“Mesh companies create, share and use social media, wireless networks,
and data crunched from every available source to provide people with
goods and services at the exact moment they need them, without the
burden and expense of owning them outright”. Our new Serendipity Machine
Dashboard stimulates mesh working. Did you check it out already?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tax Dodging Companies Hoarding Nearly One Trillion Overseas

Tax Dodging Companies Hoarding Nearly One Trillion Overseas | Common Dreams

"It's astounding that pro-austerity
ideologues are claiming that we have no choice but to slash spending on
vital programs like food stamps and Medicaid while big corporations are
draining the Treasury through massive tax dodging."


Tax Dodging Companies Hoarding Nearly One Trillion Overseas

New analysis, hearing, report make clear: tax dodging corporations siphon revenue that could help Main Street

- Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Profits for U.S. companies are at a record high, yet companies
have hoarded nearly one trillion overseas to dodge U.S. taxes, a new
Moody's analysis shows.

Photo: janinsanfran/cc/flickr
The findings, based on an analysis that looked at U.S.
non-financial, Moody’s-rated companies, also reveal that these companies
had stockpiled $1.64 trillion in cash at the end of 2013. That's about
up about 12 percent from the year before.

Leading the pack of cash hoarders is Apple, which stockpiled $158.8 billion last year.

One of the companies exploiting tax loopholes to avoid paying U.S.
taxes is Peoria, Illinois-based Caterpillar, which was scrutinized
Tuesday at a Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hearing.

"Caterpillar is an American success story that produces iconic
industrial machines. But it is also a member of the corporate
profit-shifting club that has transferred billions of dollars offshore
to avoid paying U.S. taxes," Subcommittee Chairman Carl Levin said in
his opening statement.

Current polices incentivize such practices because companies don't
have to pay taxes on profits from these overseas subsidiaries if the
money isn't brought back to the United States.

"From 2000 to 2012," Levin stated, "Caterpillar shipped $8 billion in
profits to its Swiss affiliate, reducing Caterpillar’s U.S. tax bill by
$2.4 billion."

That kind of loss of revenue has real impacts on Americans, Levin
added, because it "increases the tax burden on working families, and it
reduces our ability to make investments in education and training,
research and development, trade promotion, intellectual property
protection, infrastructure, national security and more – investments on
which Caterpillar and other U.S. companies depend for their success."

This echoes findings from a report released last week showing
that the decrease in corporate tax revenues has "demonstrably harmed
state and federal budgets and the provision of services those funds pay

"Millions of Americans have yet to see any economic recovery," stated
George Goehl, Executive Director of National People’s Action, which
co-authored the report. "They're struggling to find jobs, make ends
meet, and provide for their families. This report shows that the revenue
needed for recovery didn't just vanish, it was siphoned off by
corporations who refuse to pay their fair share."

The report shows that the downward spiral in funding of public
services like schools and roads could be helped by an increase in
corporate tax revenue.   Some lawmakers, however, have pushed austerity
on Main Street as the only option, as Sarah Anderson, Global Economy
Project Director at the Institute for Policy Studies, told Common Dreams.

"It's astounding that Rep. Paul Ryan and other pro-austerity
ideologues are claiming that we have no choice but to slash spending on
vital programs like food stamps and Medicaid while big corporations are
draining the Treasury through massive tax dodging," Anderson said.

Sen. John McCain, the ranking minority member of the subcommittee,
blamed "the highest corporate tax rate of any country in the world" — 35
percent— as motivation for corporations like Caterpillar to park
profits overseas.

Yet, as Anderson and others have pointed out,

very few companies pay anything like those rates. Total corporate
federal taxes paid fell to 12.1% of U.S. profits in 2011, according to
the Congressional Budget Office. The average profitable company in the
Fortune 500 paid just 18.5% of its profits in federal income taxes
between 2008 and 2010, according to Citizens for Tax Justice, a
nonpartisan tax research organization. Dozens of large and profitable
companies paid nothing in recent years.

"It is long past time to stop offshore profit shifting and start
ensuring that profitable U.S. multinationals meet their U.S. tax
obligations," Levin stated.