Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Anyone can become an Influencer

If you look at this PostNormalEra list of Changes by Ilkka Kakko you can see that your #CV will be replaced by your #Klout score!
How do you show that you are a recognized #Expert in your field in the #PostNormalEra ?
So the question is what does your Klout Score and your #Expert #Ranking say about you?   Do you know your score? Its easy to check it and its free just sign in on with your Twitter account et voila you will get your Klout score!

In the #PostNormalEra YOU will have to add #Social #Networking know how to your personal niche expertise.

In the #PostNormaleEra its vitally important to associate with the right people and add them to your #EcoSystem  Use your Linkedin #SSI

to track and boost your Social Networking Power!  Use to find the #Influencers!
If you start using Klout and Kred to check your Social Media Influence your Influence will increase...because you will start using social media in a much more pro active way! And your visibility in social media will increase!
If you have any questions please feel free to ask i am always happy to help YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Follow @HansLak and @PostNormalEra on Twitter!

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