Thursday, July 7, 2016

Are you ready for the #PostNormalEra? Check this list!

Take a look at this interesting list on the changes between the Normal Era and the #PostNormalEra some of the greatest Business innovation experts in the world have added their comments like our good friend Joe Pine author of what Customers Really Want #Authenticity and Thoughtleader on the Experience Economy who's comment you can read in this Snapbird Screenshots of his #PostNormalEra Tweets
The #PostNormalEra will change our world for GOOD! Find the PostNormallEra list on page 11 of the book by Ilkka Kakko that you can Download for free and please follow @PostNormalEra and @Seredipitor on Twitter for more information! Think #EcoSystems for Business and RETHINK your #Future... Tell me your thoughts on the list...and on the skills you think we will need most to succeed in the PostNormalEra... the ability to adapt to constant CHANGE? To #ExponentialChange ? Namasté Hans Lak Together We Build A Brighter Future

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