Friday, January 10, 2014

Breakthrough Capitalism

Exploring how business leaders can be an effective force for change towards a healthy, fair and affordable world for 9 billion people.

The hypothesis

Current models of capitalism are failing economically, socially and environmentally. Three scenarios describe our future trajectories:
  • Breakdown: Our businesses, cities and economies overshoot ecological and social limits, bringing the planetary roof down on our heads
  • Change-As-Usual: Political leaders, investors and the global C-suite instigate change, but at a dangerously relaxed, incremental pace
  • Breakthrough: World leaders, from business, finance and politics, take radical steps to transform the systems they operate within, driving market revolutions to ensure our long-term wellbeing.

The program

The Breakthrough Capitalism program seeks to catalyze system-level change in business and beyond. It does this through:
  • Briefings Our first report, targeted at the corporate and investment community, is titled Breakthrough: Business Leaders, Market Revolutions. The report was launched in March 2013.
  • Forums Plenary sessions convene leading speakers to provoke new thinking. Watch videos from the inaugural Breakthrough Capitalism Forum 2012, held in London, here. And you’ll find a listing of other Breakthrough events here
  • Breakthrough Labs A series of interactive, action-focused workshops with organizations and individuals seeking change, from internal ventures to collaborative partnerships. Find out more here.


Please get in touch with us at if you would like to explore how your organization can work towards breakthrough change.

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