Wednesday, November 13, 2013 Domain for sale!

 The Domain Name
From now on I will focus completely on Making A Difference!
I want to maximize investment flows into sustainable projects and new sustainable businesses. One Person Can Make A Difference and One Earth One Mission Together we build a brighter future ! That’s why  I will sell the as soon as i find the right buyer! 
I will pay a 10% finders Fee to anyone who can give us the name of and lead us to the right buyer! 
If you are looking for the best possible domain name for your Outdoor Information look no further! can be yours….in less than 24 hours! 

The most important KEYWORD In the Outdoor Industry in your DOMAIN NAME will help you get more traffic.

TITLE tag is one of the most important aspect of On-Page Optimization. Your website’s TITLE is the main entry point for all major search engines across the globe. The text or keywords which you use in your TITLE helps search engines to locate your webpage and to help your site achieve better search engine rankings!

I have bought the in 2003 to inform the Outdoor Community about ECO Friendly products in the Outdoor Industry with Buyers Guides and other important information about how to become realy GREEN in the Outdoor industry! But when my friend Fred van Olphen sold BEVER the leading Outdoor Retailer in the Netherlands. the project was put on hold without the help of a big leading outdoor retailer or even better a few leading Outdoor Retailers  it has been impossible to create the best possible information page for the outdoor industry.

I am looking for a buyer who is ECO Minded and who cares about Outdoorconservation.  
If you continue the eco minded / Outdoor conservation minded character I will support you with all my Social Media Power! With 10.000 friends on Facebook and more than 115.000 fans on Facebook resulting in two top 100 positions in the Facebook Global Grader rankings you will not only get the domain but also the Facebook Page with more than 2000 fans.  And all my ECO Power for your Outdoor Conservation efforts and ECO efforts!  
What is the Value of he Domain
A domain name appraisal is an estimate about the potential sales price of a particular Internet domain name . A domain name appraisal is allways speculative. It is an estimate and an opinion, and can considerably vary depending upon the considered elements of the name and its extension

According to Adressio the Domain only has a value of 76.052 EURO
According to Adresso between 15.000 and 17.000 EURO
The value of the domain is rated between $ 5.500 and $ 98.000

Contact me if you want to know more! 

Hans Lak
Ambassador TBLI Group

Together we build a brighter Future

Phone  +43 676 3862953
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