Saturday, August 17, 2013

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A dedicated and passionate group of the world's foremost scientists, educators, and technology leaders in the sustainability movement have come together to create the first global education platform built to empower our population with the skills, training, and knowledge required to re-establish a balance between our resource management and our fragile environment. Energime University will teach everything there is to know about the production and sustainable management of our energy, food, water, and waste resources.

Energime University (Saving the Planet 101)
We need your help. A dedicated and passionate group of some of the world’s foremost scientists and educators have come together for a special purpose. Together, they are attempting to bring structure to an global effort that governments and humanitarian /environmental groups around the world have failed to accomplish. Energime University is embarking on a quest to educate and provide the empowering skills training required by our global population to re-establish a sustainable balance back to our planet. Classes and courses will be offered and taught live and over the internet by the visionary scientists, inventors, integrators, and business experts who are leading the way in this effort. These forums will cover the newest and most innovative transformative technologies, operational protocols, and ground breaking projects now in development. This is a unique opportunity for students to listen, learn, and get empowered from this generations Teslas, Einsteins, and Buckminster Fullers.
Every great journey begins with a single step. This visionary project is supported by over 150 doctorate level educators and sustainable technology pioneers. Our initial project will serve as a template and central site for what we hope will be hundreds of similar projects worldwide.
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