Sunday, January 13, 2013

Is the regulation of crowd funding being driven by special interests?

I believe that the regulation of crowd funding is being driven by special interests including NASAA and FINRA as turf protection. They should clean up the shop they are already in charge of. Transparency and crowd diligence are far superior to what goes on with the 37000 Reg D offerings that were done from 2009 thru Q1 2011 - for $905 Billion. 1/2 of these offerings were for under $1 million. Huge fees and revenues go to broker dealers, states registration.

If NASAA, SEC and FINRA are really worried about fraud for investors, they need to clean this up rather than worry about the smaller offerings from small business owners and entrepreneurs to their friends, families and communities that will occur in an open, transparent market.

Check FINRA's own warnings on non public traded REITS -

Then read this article -

Or perhaps they should stop the idiotic investments in gold mines -

Or maybe some of this fraud that goes on - - current fraud they are already blaming crowd funding for.

Or maybe they should just stop letting people play the Wall Street Roulette game where only the insiders win? By Randy Shipley

 He is the founder of SocialGravity  a social network for people that work for charities and non-profits, and the people that support those same organizations with their time, their hearts, and however they can. SocialGravity allows non-profits to crowd fund effectively for donations and manage their events.

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  1. Awesome post by Randy in a linkedin discussion.