Thursday, January 17, 2013

gugler* goes Cradle to Cradle®: That's how nature would print.

gugler* goes Cradle to Cradle®: That's how nature would print. - YouTube

The time is now for us to go beyond simply being “less bad”and to lead the world in the invention and innovation of “more GOOD” with Cradle to Cradle products and a prosperous Cradle to Cradle economy! Together, we will inspire and transform the world! Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger when he opened the Cradle to Cradle institute in California.
I will visit Ernst Gugler next week to discuss how we can Start the Print the Change revolution and campaign with the help of sustainability thought leaders from all over the world. Its great to print a Sustainablity Report with GRI A Status but its awesome if you can do that and start being good with your printing products that are completely safe for the environment!
I would love to hear your thoughs on how you would start a global printing revolution! We will be using digital media, social media, events, a Print the Change Crowdfunding campaign to fund books  that will make a difference and visit hundreds of BIG Companies that still print OLD SCHOOL! i would be happy about your suggestions on partners and organisations for the print the change campaign.
Looking forward to hear from you! Thank you for making a Difference!
Take a look at this building a house of the future as GREEN as GREEN can be!

The most sustainable building in Europe maybe even in the entire world!
We Can Change The World!

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    Tips for lowering the environmental impact
    of print and digital

    Increase paper efficiently by maximizing each sheet - use smaller font size,
    single spacing and both sides of the paper
    Use a certified, responsibly-sourced paper
    Increase the number of readers for printed documents
    Use EnergyStar™ computers, monitors and printers
    Recycle paper and equipment at end of life