Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 Year of community

Enjoy this very inspirational video on 2013 the year of community great message great pictures great music great video! Kudos to Lee and his incredible team for this amazing video!
 …start to trust the body… focus on your body to reground yourself…  
Much of what we were taught in society was designed to make us hard on ourselves. Whether that judgment is on your appearance, your ways of being, or what you think you are not good at.

Recognize all of those ideas are illusions that we have been fed. But when they combine with emotions, those illusions play out inside us as very real. - So if you make but one commitment for 2013, agree to be kinder to and on yourself. ~~Lee, from 2013: Year of Community

 For a free mp3 download of this message, please visit: You are everything and when you remember this, everything and anything is possible. In peace and in love, Lee

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