Thursday, August 9, 2012

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1.6 billion people live without electricity. They rely on toxic, expensive and dangerous kerosene. This needs to change! WakaWaka is a super efficient solar lamp. check out why we do this... and get in touch if you can help us reach those 1.6 billion people


Off-Grid Solutions (OGS) develops, engineers, manufactures and markets the most efficient lighting and phone charging solar based products for consumers worldwide under the registered brand name “WakaWaka” (which means ‘shine bright’ in Swahili). Utilizing the most advanced solar management technology, WakaWaka is able to deliver a combination of stunning, practical designs in solar lighting while providing users with 16+ hours of light on a single days solar charge, even with suboptimal lighting. We have developed a unique and sustainable business model which enables OGS to subsidize the cost of the WakaWaka products to the 1.5 Billion people in the world who have no access to the electricity net, as well as the hundreds of millions of people, who are connected to the grid and face regular black-outs, sometimes as much as 2 or 3 days every single week. The depend on expensive, toxic and very dangerous kerosene lamps, causing over 16,000 serious burn injuries every day. 10-20% of the income of people living at the ´Base of the Pyramid´ is spent on lighting fuels. Every purchase of WakaWaka products in the U.S. and Europe provides for a significant discount for two families living literally in the dark. WakaWaka gives families living on $2.00/day, a chance for a brighter future. In addition every purchase of a WakaWaka also enables the education of one student in a developing country. The program is called the ´Climate Hero Education Program´ and is facilitated by the WakaWaka Foundation. Through this program students learn about the tangible and direct benefits of renewable energy, clean drinking water, personal hygiene, preservation of natural resources, and recycling. Moreover the WakaWaka Foundation will connect students in for example Africa and India with their fellow students in Europe and the U.S. so they learn from each other and inspire one another. Together they can grow up in our global village. This will lead to better mutual understanding and respect and ultimately to better relationships between countries. We consider it our mission to create solutions which bring sustainable solutions and light to Billions around the world currently in need, while enhancing the lives of families in the U.S. and Europe with high-tech, hi-quality innovations. To learn more about the WakaWaka Foundation, please visit You can make a difference in the next few minutes if you choose to… either donate a WakaWaka to a UNHCR refugee camp, or buy one and sponsor two families with a $5 discount. It’s Time To Act! Kudos to Maurits Groen the founder of the Waka Waka Foundation! He realy makes a Difference and deserves all the support he can get! I hope that you will help us spread this mission to spread light in Africa!

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