Thursday, July 5, 2012

Strategies for a New Economy Interview

Video Interview: Rebecca Henderson of Harvard Business School at the New Economics Institute Strategies for a New Economy Conference | 3BL Media

We realy need a new economy to solve the problems in this world... Social Capital should no longer be FREE and Natural Capital no longer be MUCH TOO CHEAP....its great to see how many people all around the world are working to build a brighter future Students Teachers Ordinary People Managers even politicians understand that we have to act now if we want to build a sustainable will not happen on a global scale...only corporations will change global take a look at Wallmart how they have changed over the past 5 years.. amazing! And the Change will be even bigger in the NEXT three years because TIME is our scarcest resource.
We have the money and the know how to create a brighter future a truly sustainable future.
Take a look at this video and you will find out that SOCIAL CHANGE is coming!
A new Economy for the Common GOOD is coming!

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  1. "It's sometimes fashionable in the new economy movement to say that business is corrupt or business is evil, but I don't share that view at all," Henderson says. "I think a business that's well run is an enormous instrument for human good and a major source of prosperity and freedom -- business is a part of the solution, playing a partnership role with civil society and government so that we build an economy that's in balance with the social and natural worlds." I could not agree more