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Brussels discretely prepares a coup d'état in the 17 countries of the euro-zone.
A new treaty will allow Brussels to take unlimited money from the states vaults to rescue the euro.
Of course, the European Union does not want the citizens to learn about it.
On the internet they made available only one copy of the text of this treaty: in english!
(96,5% of the euro-citizens speak other languages!)
This European Treaty has been signed 11 July '11 and is called the European Stability Mechanism, ESM, a kind of permanent rescue fund with unlimited power and unlimited access to the Treasuries of the 17 countries.
Curiously, not a single newspaper, not nationally nor internationally has spent a title on this treaty.
Me and others denounced the irregularity of the treaty. Apparently the instigators of the treaty were not satisfied either and wanted a much more extended treaty. So Brussels had to come up with a second version. This time it was signed by the Ambassadors of the countries. That was on 2 February 2012.
Once again, the press stayed quiet and even today, only very few Europeans know about the monstre that disguised as merciful Samaritan is getting ready to overrule our democracies.
Now is the time for the parliamentarians and senators in the various euro coutries to decide whether or not they accept to adopt the treaty. It needs the ratification of countries holding 90% of the shares.
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