Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Can We Save the World?

Today i will be at the ECOPORT in Graz one of the most ECO Friendly buildings in EUROPE build by the owner himself Hans Roth and his company Roth Building Management. It was Hans Roth who invited me to the conference to discuss a sustainable future with very interesting speakers at his sustainability conference!

 At a sustainability Conference asking the Question:  "Can We Save The World"?  by Saubermacher Austria's leading Waste Management Company to find a answer to the question can we save the world? New paths for a sustainable future with Dr. Klaus Topfer the executive director at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies and many other interesting speakers.  I am sure We can no doubt at all but we need radical CHANGE no more Business as Usual. I think that the people in the world and the world best Companies will lead the way... CSR is top of the Agenda for all companies and TBLI will soon be the NEW NORMAL..no more investments that KILL the Planet! By no Company and no Country... The future we want is a great idea...but the Future we need is what we will discuss today. We need a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE! We have to BUILD a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE!

I will try to build a new Coalition between the Government of Styria and Hans Roth & friends to make the ECO port a new global think tank for sustainability a new International Center for Sustainable Excellence.... with a Great Entrepeneur who believes that he can Build a Sustainable future like Walter Schmid in Switzerland does...he will soon open his Umweltarena a real lighttower project for EUROPE...the future will arrive in Switzerland at August 24. in this building that has been build CO2 neutral and will produce more energy than it needs.....completely covered with solar panels..awesome building!


The Idea behind the ICSE    

The International Center for Sustainable Excellence (ICSE) in Graz, Austria, could be  a Center that shows visitors, participants and users how knowledge and skills in the field of sustainability will  together shape our future and makes them experience this. Sustainability in a wide perspective but with the help of concrete examples (showcases) from trade and industry, universities and researchers, and social organizations. The center gives an insight into a new world where respect, trust and openness form the new central idea.
We will start with a Competence Center and Think Tank at the ECOPORT  and Sustainable Excellence Awards for the most inspiring People Companies Organisations Regions Cities the worlds best experts will be invited to join this THINK TANK.  Together We Build A Brighter Future.

The aim of the Center is to make sustainability real and tangible, to show how developments come about and what it takes. In this way, visitors are handed ideas to make sustainability self-evident and a part of their every day life.

The purpose of the Center is also to let all participants cooperate in order to come to new developments or insights. This can be on a product or production level, but also at the level of corporate management, design, life style, work and housing.

The participants of the ICSE  consist of local, national and international centers of knowledge, organizations and companies that lead the way with respect to sustainable developments.
All together they bring along a worldwide network which is necessary to find solutions for the future.

Thus in the ICSE, projects in the cradle to cradle field, biomimicry and other applications of sustainability and sustainable entrepreneurship come together.

In this way, the ICSE will become a source of knowledge from where solutions may well up that are practically admissible to trade and industry, to public authorities and to the individual citizen. Because only through cooperation, the necessary new future can take shape.

In the ICSE there is room for many companies to show the public customers and associated companies their newest developments in the area of sustainability. Showing how one thing works, implies also an open communication. This requires trust in and respect for another.

In the ICSE, there is also room for national and international institutions, knowledge centers and organizations in the field of sustainability. A real incubator where sustainability evolves!

I hope that Arnold Schwarzenegger will also help his Hometown Graz to Build a sustainable future...as he says the TIME IS NOW for us to go beyond simply Being Less BAD and to lead the world in the invention and innovation of MORE GOOD with a new Cradle to Cradle Economy! Together we will inspire and transform the world.

Kudos to Arnold Schwarzenegger for making such a huge difference for a sustainable future

Hans Lak Founder One Person Can Make A Difference One Earth One Mission: together we build a brighter future!  

  One Earth One Mission


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