Monday, April 23, 2012

Osupuko | Abundance for all

Osupuko | Abundance for all




Econological projects to build a stronger Africa


It is our belief that we can help wildlife and forest if we help the community. If we help the community the parents are provided with jobs and awareness. If we can give the community a solid base the children will have a better future and environment. If we can give a better future and environment we save and protect wildlife and forest.
Every chain in the circle of life must be strong to keep the circle going in a socially – responsible way.
Sustainable projects and socially responsible ventures is the only way to create a balance between economy and ecology and so Abundance for All.


Supporting projects and initiatives with an innovative character in order to balance every living individual to walk hand in hand with economical success and ecological interest to achieve a new econological balance. AFA is advocating to co-operate with existing legal entities. Where needed AFA will start-up and guide projects.
For this project our goal is; to protect the Kittenden wildlife corridor for the track of the biggest elephant of Africa, to create sustainable development and durable projects, to put up a wildlife fence for protecting community with their children and crops, to construct an efficient water system for irrigation and house holds with hygienic sanitary equipment, to offer good education and a special program for children with sports and music, to create ventures for jobs so parents can give a better environment for their children, to help with healthcare and to make a lodge for tourists operational to lift up the economy in this beautiful but underdeveloped area. 


  • Abundance for All takes the full responsibility for donations and will show by video on the website the progress of the projects.
  • Abundance for All has the intention to spend 80% of the donations on the projects.
  • Abundance for All is only supporting and setting up sustainable projects.
  • Abundance for All is accommodated with an office on the location of the project for monitoring and low expenses.
  • Abundance for All is working with experienced volunteers.
  • Abundance for All is working with communities and provides them with jobs, education and awareness and learns them to take responsibilities for their environment, children and future.
  • As we can turnaround the imbalanced situation we can also turn Abundance for All into the words All for Abundance.
  • Abundance for All will always listen to individuals and companies who are willing to contribute with suggestions according to our philosophy.
  • Abundance for All is working hand in hand with the young community to achieve its aims to create a save balanced youth for a better future.

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