Saturday, January 14, 2012

What is your talent?

What is your talent?
I know that you have a special talent....i have been watching the blind auditions of the Voice of Holland on the web and think its incredible how many great talents are walking around and wasting their talents... Donate your talent to start making a Difference and Change the World.. The Voice of Holland and all other The Voice of formats have just one GOAL to make as much money as they can..its not about the People..its not mission driven...its about the MONEY but the Idea to search for talents and coach those talents is exactly what we need to CHANGE the WORLD..think about the people you know and their talents..think about your own could YOU Change the World with your TALENT? We need the new John Lennon the new Leonardo Da Vinci the new JFK we need YOU! Donate your Talent: Its time to unite the people who Want to CHANGE this WORLD! To combine our efforts... Namasté Hans Lak

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