Sunday, January 22, 2012

Facebook can be very frustrating from time to time

This is the message i get when i try to login to my Facebook account... Facebook uses Mobile Phone Numbers to check if you are a REAL PERSON if your handy gets lost or you can not confirm the number you have a problem... Even if you can confirm the Code you Receive from Facebook you can have a problem and are being asked to identify people tagged in Photos or figure out Captchas that are allmost impossible to solve.... Can you think of a better way to show Facebook who you realy are than a COPY of YOUR ID or PASSPORT? They are driving me CRAZY its ok that they are trying to delete spammer or Fake Profiles..but whats wrong with compassionate people who are trying to MAKE A DIFFERENCE on FACEBOOK! I NEED YOUR HELP! Can you please start telling FACEBOOK that I AM REAL that the COPY of my PASSPORT is REAL.. That Hans A Lak is my REAL NAME! If this is the NEW FACEBOOK give me the GOOD OLD FACEBOOK! All that i do on Facebook is trying to make A Difference..
With many many Pages...all these pages have been started by Me HANS A Lak founder of One Person Can Make A Difference , One Earth One Mission. Outdoor. info and Whaledefenders stop the killing! And some more.... All created to make this world a better place to help you make a Difference! Namasté Hans Lak Lets connect on Linkedin

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