Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meatless Meat


I love the way the world is CHANGING!
Soon expected; Meatless texture in frozen plates to punch schnitzels, nuggets or burgers. Spectacular texture, clean label, allergenfree, lowfat, production expected July 2011

We can replace large parts of the Meat we are producing right now with
Meatless Meat! And save the planet save the animals and save the lives of millions of people who are now
starving to Death! Meatless meat is not yet as Cheap as real meat because the price of meat does not come
with a price tag on the Water and CO2 emissions...if we would calculate the real price of meat
Meatless Meat would be cheaper...that its more healthy and can be just as tasty is GREAT!

A big thank you to all the Scientists and managers all around the world who are working on making the
Meat and Food industry much more sustainable!

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Issues such as sustainability, health and environment are becoming increasingly important in food. With a growing world population and more pressure on available agricultural land a strategic vision is necessary. The growing prosperity in the Far East and the soaring demand for biofuels lead to higher commodity prices and scarcity. Animal protein replaced by high quality vegetable protein may contribute to a solution to this problem.

Meatless is trying to convince people that we need innovative solutions and that in the coming decades we will have to think differently about the relationship between food, health and environment.

With Meatless it becomes possible to influence the nutritional value strongly positive without adapting the actual diet of people and without quantitative or qualitative changes. Meatless goes further than just vegetarianism and offers opportunities for people who are aware of the future of this planet and their own health.

Meatless is recognized as a protein containing product with extremely low amount of land use, greenhouse gas output, water use and energy use.

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