Monday, June 6, 2011

Mayra Art

Mayra Art

Rumberger Marija is MayraArt Art for Eco transforming creativity into compassion for animals and the

“I have never had the pleasure of being connected with a person with more passion about our environment and helping Animals as Marija.

She is determined and successful in making our world a better place to live for all living beings.

Her Creativity, drive and enthusiasm are what i admire most!
Sometimes she can paint without an end even after a long day taking care of the elderly people in her regular job!

With her Paintings Marija will help animals that realy need urgent help like the dogs in the City of Ozijek in Croatia! Marija is one of the most passionate people i have ever met!
She has a heart of gold and is a role model for all humankind.” June 3, 2011

Hans Lak, Founder, One Person Can Make A Difference
worked directly with Rumberger at Mayraarts

She is Creating awareness for and helping the environment and animals One Painting at a time!

Please support her work by liking her Facebook Fan Page for Mayra Art

Animals need help and protection! Thank you for making a difference

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