Tuesday, June 14, 2011


COOP is the most sustainable retailer in the world!

We knew that and we have written about that since we first met the COOP Sustainability Management! You can find it in One Earth One Mission and One Person Can Make A Difference many times!
The OEKOM Research Team has compared many of the leading retailers in the world in a big global study and COOP is their World Leader when it comes to sustainability!

I have been at the HQ of this World Leader last week and made a few suggestions on how they can improve their sustainability with a more holistic approach! In Retail the stores don't count the biggest Foot Print comes from the products the retailer is selling.

Since food retail itself forms only a small part of the contribution that the food and agriculture industry makes to global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and other environmental issues, COOP should also encourage their suppliers and customers to reduce their environmental impact.

As a retailer, we rely on our supply chain to produce and supply the products we sell. We want to reduce the environmental footprint of our products, so we need to understand the environmental impact of the various links in our supply chain, and identify any areas for improvement. This is from the Ahold CSR Management statement not from COOP Unfortunately

We can then work with suppliers to reduce their environmental impact, and guide consumers towards more environmentally friendly products.

COOP does not (yet) have a Sustainable Value Network like Walmart has
I suggested they should start a COOP Club committed to sustainable excellence
COOP does not have a plan for a Product index system like Walmart has
I asked COOP to start looking at the complete Footprint of all products they sell
COOP probably has the biggest Carbon Footprint of all companies in Switzerland - if you take a look at the overall Footprint! They are the biggest Producer of Meat in Switzerland thats why i suggested to take a look at how they can reduce that footprint. With more Research and Development to find better substitutes for Meat and with more promotion and tests in Flagshipstores with the products and the know how from the Vegetarian Butcher from Holland. And the worlds best Faux Meat Producers!
COOP should invest in finding and developing the best possible Meat Substitutes
with the best experts in the world and a Professor for Meat Substitutes from the university of Wageningen in the Netherlands.

COOP should start telling the Truth about the healthiest of all diets!
Decades ago, the brilliant physicist Albert Einstein said the following:

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet .”

I gave COOP the complete information from the Provegan.info from now on they can not tell anybody that they did not KNOW...http://www.provegan.info/_en/vorwort.html
This brochure and the website www.ProVegan.info are a contribution in the fight against the unlimited madness of mankind. The resulting devastating effects are consciously or unconsciously ignored by most people. The majority of people are (still) willing to cause global warming, to torture and kill animals, to support the starvation of millions of people, to plunder the oceans, and to ruin their own health just because of their taste preferences for animal products.

Of course, it is also important to understand that following a vegan diet does not mean that we have to miss out on anything. Quite the contrary – a vegan diet is a pure feast, as numerous vegan cookbooks and restaurants have proved.

COOP should start A LOHAS Community since between 15 and 20% of their Customers are LOHAS.

COOP is and will stay the Worlds Most Sustainable Retailer i am sure that they will follow some of our suggestions!

Kudos to Frau Dr Sybille Anwander Phan Huy the Head of Sustainability for the entire COOP GROUP! You are realy doing a wonderful job!  Let us make you even more sustainable with a holistic approach!

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