Friday, December 3, 2010


Join One Earth, One Mission and help us educate, empower and unite people creating earth-saving networks

Across the world, most people want stronger protections for the environment, greater respect for human- and animal rights, and concerted efforts to end poverty, corruption and war.

As a synergistically designed platform for the environment, animal rights, health, and other issues OEOM will inform, enlighten, and actively engage all citizens concerned about the future of Earth.

We are over-consuming our resources, over-consuming energy. But more or less, this is known since the first Brundtland Report and since the reports in the 70s and in the 80s, and now we see we need more than 1.3 earths per year to fulfill our needs.

One Earth, One Mission will educate, empower and unite people creating earth-saving networks...

Thousands of groups are dedicated to improving something on this earth. In order to heal and preserve our planet for our children, we must all stand together.

It is the purpose of EnvironmentalNetworking to unite individuals and groups to focus on one goal - protecting our planet's ecosystem - to benefit all life on this planet.

Our members are already activists. They know how to generate interest and implement change, and they know that in numbers lies strength- that many, united can acccomplish what a few cannot.

It is time to unite on a global scale. EnvironmentalNetworking provides the communication, interaction, and networking to enable us to unite and preserve our world.

It is morally unacceptable for human beings to exploit nature so intensively that the living conditions on Earth dramatically change and the biotope of humans and other life forms deteriorate, decline or even disappear entirely. Future generations will be even more greatly confronted with the consequences thereof than the present generation. This is why it is crucial for humans to impose significant ecological restrictions on themselves. These should be directed at decreasing the use of space, raw materials, energy, plants and animals.

We must remove the veil of propaganda and ignorance, and enlighten the people to the painful truth that changes must be made in the way we all live for the sake of our global environment, our lives, and our children's future.

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