Tuesday, October 5, 2010

今後の日本は Japan is Coming...

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  1. Under two months Japan is coming back to the Antarctic Whale sanctuary for another 1000 whales. This includes endangered species and random sampling. Random sampling is when they hunt any whale they see including calves and mothers. A mother once lost its calf and fasted it self for several days while drifting in the water. Not only does the mother get depressed but through their social networking, which is very complex and can't be understood by humans, other whales get depressed.

    The whales they kill in the Antarctic swim right past australia and give birth in our waters. We protect them, then when they are swming back to antarctica the japanese kill them which can take up to 30 mins.

    These whales were born in Asutralia! What are you going to do Australia?

    Are you going to let another 1000 whales die?

    Are you just gonna sit there?