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The world premiere of Sea the Truth will take place at Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Want to be there? May 19th 2010  Send an email to


 If we continue to catch and eat fish at the current rate, in about 40 years there will be no fish left to catch. Scientists have proclaimed that message for years, and also fishermen are getting more and more aware of the fact that the sea is not an inexhaustible source. The first time the world was confronted with an empty sea, was in 1992 in Newfoundland. The centuries-old cod fishery came to an end when the Canadian government proclaimed a complete fishing ban. Cod in Newfoundland was gone and has not returned to this day. Is Newfoundland an example for what can happen in the rest of the world?

In Sea the Truth, we want to make up the balance: what is the fish stock at the moment?
Is it true what scientists teach, that in 2048 the oceans will be fished out? And if that message is true, who will do something about it? What is being done to change the tide? Do politicians listen to these alarming words? And what can you do as an individual? We are looking for answers to these questions.

In the film we have two story lines which are edited through each other. There is underwater photographer Dos Winkel as a champion of the sea. He is very concerned because, after thirty years of diving, he witnessed with his own eyes that it’s becoming uglier and more and more empty under water. The film follows Dos in his activities.

In addition, there is a marine biologist who is doing her own research. Everything Dos is saying raises questions, which we want to have answered by scientists, professionals, experienced experts, politicians and other stakeholders. Her tour along various places and people will be edited through Dos Winkel’s personal story. Topics which are being dealt with in the film are: fishing quotas, subsidies, illegal fishing, farmed fish, health and sustainability.

At the end we hope to have a balanced answer to our question: can what happened in Newfoundland repeat itself? Or is the world warned enough and can the next generation, with all its attempts to deal with the ocean in a sustainable way, continue to enjoy the beautiful underwater world and sustainably caught fish?

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