Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lets create positive CHANGE! Be the CHANGE you want to see....

Dear friends!

You know that One Person Can Make A Difference....

Lets make activism and civic engagement more fun, more effective, more social, and more widely embraced.

Activism that focuses on positive cooperation... what a MOST welcome and needed change!

The way our world currently works is not sustainable.

Most people are not yet bending over backwards to create a sustainable society, but in situations when it’s possible to do something in easy ways that don’t require bending over backwards, people are taking action.

social networking sites (like Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, MySpace…) have grown to include over half a billion people, and have changed the way we communicate, organize and manage our online and offline lives.

These sites have already grown large, but their potential to be used as change agents is still in its infancy.

People have always been able to organize themselves, but online social networks have now made it possible to do it quickly, cheaply and more effectively.

We’re embracing the opportunity to take small movements and use social networks to scale them up into big movements with a global reach. In short, we think of Activism as “Activism 2.0″.

People want change. Most people care about social issues and want to help make a better world, but it can be difficult to make time for social activism. Furthermore, many traditional methods of activism seem stale and ineffective at solving today... Read More’s problems.

We should encourage people and companies to BE THE CHANGE!

But how might a company produce “positive social change”? Lots of companies make things that could somehow be used by others to create good, but what about a company whose very function was to create as much good as possible? Could such a company give its employees the satisfaction of working to save the world, as well as the same robust salaries found at comparable for-profit companies?

Humanity currently faces a number of urgent problems in need of big, innovative solutions. The power of the business world is vast….what sorts of solutions can we create to harness that vast power and steer the resources of the business world towards a sustainable future?

What if activism is an emerging market? If a for-profit company did the type of work that non-profits often do, but did it more efficiently, would people trust it the same way they trust non-profits? What if everything the company did was completely transparent? What if it was open source? If we can create this kind of company, and succeed, how many other companies would follow our example? Along the way, could we change the face of the business world itself?

How do you like companies that act like NON PROFITS...but want to make BIG PROFITS?

Tell me ..... use the One person wall to tell us how you think that we can BE THE CHANGE

One Person Can Make a Difference
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