Monday, February 22, 2010

Help us fight cancer the number one cause of death!

Cancer is the number one cause of death!
Thats why i would love to invite you to join me in this important cause and help us fight cancer! Special thanks to Andrea Caballero Benitez who inspired me to join her in this fight against Cancer!

One person can make a difference and fight Cancer

Please join us and invite your friends! 

Donate $10 in 2010 - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Watch this video to find out what they do very inspiring

The Hutchinson Center is leading the fight to conquer cancer, HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

Admittedly, the eradication of cancer and other life-threatening diseases is an ambitious goal — one that demands tenacity, scientific excellence, collaboration and breakthrough creativity. To accomplish this, the Hutchinson Center attracts some of the world's greatest minds.

Together our researchers discover new ways to detect cancers earlier, when cure rates are highest; develop effective treatments with fewer side effects; and learn how to prevent cancers from growing in the first place.

At the Hutchinson Center, we live and breathe a life of science.

This comprehensive research approach has yielded numerous breakthroughs in cancer and other diseases. Our achievements include the discovery of many of the genes and proteins that cause healthy cells to become cancerous; development of lifesaving treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases; and advances in our understanding of how diet, exercise, hormone use and other behaviors affect a person's risk of developing cancer.

That sounds great!

One of the most important research centers for cancer in the world!

Thank you for your support!

Hans Lak
One Person Can Make A Difference and fight cancer

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