Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Facebook | END FGM NOW

Facebook | END FGM NOW

I have started a Facebook Fan Page for the END FGM CAMPAIGN!
Please join and support us spread this page and invite your friends to join us!

The aim of this campaign is to end FGM now.

Female genital mutilation is where a girl’s external genitals are cut out, without her consent, without anaesthetic. Three million girls each year suffer. 140 million women live today with the consequences – horrendous lifelong physical and psychological damage.

It has devastating impacts, on a girl’s health, on a girl’s development. In some cases, it results in death from bleeding. The campaign to “End FGM now” asks for female genital mutilation to be ended within the next generation. It aims to:

• raise global awareness
• get decision makers to increase resources and funding
• get this money to communities on the ground

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