Thursday, December 10, 2009

The power of Facebook Pages and how to use it....

I have started two new Facebook Fan Pages for two very important causes!
Its nice to have groups and causes and many Facebook friends but its more important
to start using the Facebook Pages to keep up with your fans! I am overwhelmed by the number of people that have joined right from the start more than 600 fans for both pages on day ONE is a very good start! And it shows that ONE PERSON can realy make a difference! Never forget that you should do whatever you can.. for its the biggest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do so little!

First of all i have started Mashua against FGM to honour the great work of my good friend Lucy Mashua ! Please join her in her battle to fight FGM! You can now see the Fan Box for this new page right here in the
left frame and become a fan and follow the latest updates!
Read her latest blog 

While we celebrate Christmas Girls undergo FGM and Early marriages in Kenya!

to see how you can help her!

Second i have started a fan page for the Painted Dog Conservation a cause that my good friend Fred van Olphen has been supporting for many many years and that needs more attention in order to save the Painted Dogs from extinction! I have also added this Fan Box for this new page right here in the left frame and become a fan and follow the latest updates!

Find out more about making a difference to try and stop Female Genital Mutilation
See what you can do to help Dr. Gregory Rasmussen to protect the painted dogs from poachers!

Laura Dohmen a nine year old girl from the Netherlands she is the youngest ambassador for the painted dog conservation in Zimbabwe and is in a rally to win EUR 2.500,-- for the Painted Dog Conservation Project! She has a very good chance to win this money with your vote and support! She in ranked Number two now that would mean 1.500 EURO for the painted dogs..
But i am sure we can help her win this contest!
Please vote

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