Saturday, October 3, 2009

Who will defend the whales this year?

Ask Greenpeace why they collect money to defend the whales!
And than surrender them to the whalers!...

I keep on getting messages from Greenpeace that i should support them to SAVE THE WHALES....

If you need the proof that you cannot trust GREENPEACE check this: We are going to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to do what we can to ensure that happens and will use a range of peaceful means to defend the whales, including putting ourselves between the whale and the harpoon.......
Now what Greenpeace does is use a lot of means ..but not to defend the whales!

Whaledefenders stop the killing has now18.000 members many of them keep on donating to the
wrong whaledefenders! They have no idea about GREENPEACE and SEA SHEPHERD...
People must want to learn the truth or they will not find it....
Greenpeace tells people their truth...
Sea Shepherd tells people their truth..

Who do the people believe more?
Who is spending more money on PROPAGANDA?

Why cannot all the people who want to save whales work together?
There is only ONE WHALING MAFIA and only ONE WAY to defend the whales!

Paul Watson has made many public requests for Greenpeace to reveal the location of the whaling fleet or otherwise cooperate with Sea Shepherd in the Southern Ocean when the ships of both organisations have been there simultaneously.

Oneness? Harmony? Do you think that GREENPEACE cares enough about the whales to start defending them again?

Captain Paul Watson: We provide Greenpeace with coordinates for the whalers, and we expected them to return the favor.

We passionately want to stop whaling, and will do so peacefully. That's why we won't help Sea Shepherd. Greenpeace is committed to non-violence and we'll never, ever, change that, not for anything. If we helped Sea Shepherd to find the whaling fleet we'd be responsible for anything they did having got that information, and history shows that they've used violence in the past, in the most dangerous seas on Earth. For us, non-violence is a non-negotiable, precious principle. Greenpeace will continue to act to defend the whales, but will never attack or endanger the whalers.... Read More

Captain Paul Watson: Sea Shepherd has never committed an act of violence. We have never injured anyone. We have never been convicted of a felony (Greenpeacers have). We have never been sued (Greenpeace has). Greenpeace has also been reported by Japan... for ramming a Japanese whaler and then denounces us for doing the same thing. In actual fact neither Greenpeace nor Sea Shepherd have deliberately rammed a Japanese whaler. In both cases, it was Japan that imitated the ramming. The latest Greenpeace tactic has been to steal property from the Japanese mail. The Greenpeace policy of bearing witness is just another way of saying that they are cowards. You don't watch whales die and just take their pictures. You intervene and you stop the killing - that is real non-violence - to stop the killing without hurting anyone.

This letter from Greenpeace to Paul Watson is good food for thought...
If you are still supporting the false whaledefenders...LIES LIES LIES

Who do YOU believe more?

Fact is that SEA SHEPHERD is the only organisation that will be out there in the whale
sanctuary defending whales!

Invite your friends to join the whaledefenders stop the killing!

Join GREEDPEACE and tell all your friends the truth about GREENPEACE

If you want to save the whales SUPPORT SEA SHEPHERD forget Greenpeace and all the other wonderful organisations that are wasting money on campaigns..instead of saving whales!

I feel like i am the only person in the world who thinks that a BOYCOTT is a fair and a good way to stop the killing!
What do you think will it help?if Toyota Panasonic Sony and all the other wonderful Japanese brands speak up in Japan and tell the government to stop wasting TAX money to support the WHALING MAFIA

Hans Lak
Whaledefenders stop the killing
Save the whales BOYCOTT JAPAN!

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