Monday, September 28, 2009

Do you think about your impact when you buy?

The new ECOnomy?!
The rising consumer demand for environmentally conscious products provides a great chance and an even bigger challenge for designers and product developers in the sporting goods industry to increase the amount of reusable and sustainable materials!

The outdoor industry and the new ECOnomy?

The Outdoor Industry can be the leading force in the new
ECOnomy! Patagonia is the role model for the complete sporting goods industry and take a look at what Retailers like Globetrotter in Germany, REI in the USA are doing! They are both market leaders both in Europe and the USA and both show the rest the way to do business!

More and more people think before they buy things..not just about what they like most, but also about the negative impact of the products they buy! The footprint for products will be normal in 2015! And again Patagonia is leading with the examined life The Footprint Chronicles!

Patagonia is working to have all their clothes be fully recyclable by 2010 (more info on some of the new products that fit this criteria soon) and the Footprint Chronicles in some ways helps to accomplish this goal. Not only does it offer insightful information on the impact of a Patagonia product (they hope to highlight five new products each season), but it also serves as a re-evaluation of product development, allowing Patagonia to focus their energy on improving areas of their methodology that need it most and where they can truly make a difference.

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