Monday, May 4, 2009

Since Facebook did not react to more than 100 messages not just by me but also by many good friends and the group that has been started to bring my account back! And since we know that they have received them its time for plan B i did what everybody told at day one come back with a new account! All that you need is a new e mail adress!
Well since i am not interested in a new account that will not let me manage all the causes and groups that i have started i did never considder that! But the only way to get the attention of Facebook is by getting realy loud!

After two weeks that they have been ignoring me completely it was time to get active so i have started a new account with my real name and old Profile Picture! I still cannot get my admin rights back and i also dont have all the notes, causes, groups, friends and photos that i have been uploading and working on for at least 500 hours! You dont delete hosts of groups without checking what they did! All that i did was thanking friends! Until the Facebook system decided hey stop sending messages to your friends you must be a spammer! Well i am no spammer but i will make a big difference with Facebook like it or not!

What can be the reason that i have allready 1000 friends in my list after less than two days....

Can it be the fact that i started so many great groups and causes?

Hans' Achievements

* Members Recruited 2,064
* Donated $0
* Raised $815

Hans' Care Notes

* 53 thanks
* 29 props

Hans' Causes

* Wildlifefoundation Whaledefenders
* "We could lose the Mara."
* 1 Million Strong Against Puppy Mills
* 10 thousand strong against fur
* 2009 Vic Bushfire Support
* Achieving Global Ecological Sustainability
* Against Animal Testing
* An End to Animal Neglect
* Animal Abuse in Greece to Stop
* Animal Liberation Front

See all of Hans' causes (113)

I will only have one Cause with my new account! Only the whaledefenders cause!

i will not add any other causes all that i need is my account back with all the admin rights! I did not just start one or two groups.....And i will start more groups just wait and see!

I have invited thousands of people to join Facebook and i see that many new users of the Causes Application start with the wildlifefoundation whaledefenders!


With more than 1000 friends in Care2 Facebook and many top social media experts in my Linked In network i am sure that we can get loud if that is what it takes to get my account enabled!

The question that remains is allways the same:
Does Facebook Support ignore all of us or is it just me?

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