Saturday, May 9, 2009

Open Letter to Randi Zuckerberg

Hi Randi!

Please help me i am trying to make a big difference and Facebook is the best place in the world to make a difference!

I have tested all the social media sites where you can make a difference!

Facebook is the you can read in my one person can make a difference but my Facebook account has been disabled and Facebook has ignored me for more than three weeks.....

How do i get my account back? I have started a new one but i need my old account with all the admin rights....i had recruited thousands of people to groups and impact was huge....

Check out my send good Karma to Facebook group i hope that many people will send Good Karma to Facebook and that Facebook will offer more support to people who want to make a real difference!
All that we want is the chance to make a real difference!

If you would know Care2 you would know that Facebook is 1000 times more efficient i bring in thousands of new people to Facebook...

From Care2, from the wildlifefoundation. and from Many social media sites!

Hope that you can help me!

Hans Lak
All my social media sites...


  1. I agree, Facebook needs to make changes to their policies, those that are making a difference for the betterment of all, should not be considered as, annoying or abusive behavior.
    I really hope your account is re-activated for you.

  2. the one person that makes the most difference is you, hans. you have our undying gratitude for it.

  3. wow!! what a great letter

  4. You are the hero Hans!!!
    I hope you get your account back as soon as possible.
    Barbara Eva

  5. You are the Hero Hans!!!
    I hope you get your account back as soon as possible.
    Barbara Eva

  6. That's a well put letter... respectful but to the point. You would think he would respond favorably to a letter like this. I hope so. For the sake of the good on and from facebook... I pray so! :D