Monday, May 11, 2009

One person and Still no answer from Facebook....

I am glad to have 1565 friends in Facebook again one week after i started my new account! And i am very glad that i have friends who care to realy make a difference
and fight with me sothat we can make Facebook THE BEST PLACE to make a difference!
The people at Facebook must be very busy disabling people....

I have still received no answer from Facebook but friends did...

Dear Hans, whilst I asked Maurizio Falardi, supposed to be an FB-owner for reactivating your and two accounts of other friends of mine, he answered me as follows:
"Il problema è che questi utenti sono stati disattivati la seconda volta, violando palesemente le regole imposte da FB. Non ce modo di riattivare questi account purtroppo."--------"The problem is that those peoples have been disabled for the second time because of largely violating rules and terms of FB. It is theefore, impossible to reactivate their accounts."

If you look at my one person can make a difference group in Facebook you can learn:
John Fitzgerald Kennedy once said:
“One person can make a difference and every person should try.” JFK was right! But he did not have Facebook!
Facebook is about you and your friends.....
But is its also one of the most powerful tools on the web if you want to make a difference! Especially with the groups and causes!
Join one person..if you make a difference!

Join Facebook if you want to make a difference! They have been growing very fast and very strong....they had no idea at the beginning and they still have no idea how strong Facebook can be for people who want to create change!

Yesterday i had a very nice comment on the one person can make a difference wall from a lovely woman working for Obama! You can find that kind of friends only in Facebook and LinkedIn! But Facebook is the place to be!

Great page. Good energy. Wonderful idea. Please add us to your list of friends and friendly places to make a difference.

Different Counties, Different People, Different Needs, One Voice, One President

Because Together We Really CAN!!


Together we realy can....

Confidence is everything! Impossible is nothing!

"I'm asking you to believe!
Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington...
I'm asking you to believe in yours"
Barack Obama

Barack Obama should show us that he is serious about Change and protect the polar bears! We have allready seen a few cases where the new Government did not bring the change that the endangered species and wildlife need.....

You dont need politicians to create change you need real democracy!

Governments should listen..why dont they not in Canada,not in Australia, not in the USA and not in Holland! The dutch people hate the fact that they have been fooled by the government about Afghanistan! No fighting mission..just help...

I dont believe in the politicial system not in the USA and not in soon as great politicians rule they follow the old system..its the same everywhere!

Believe in the fact that you can make a difference!


Hans Lak
One person can make a difference!

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