Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How stupid is the Canadian government?

Canadian MPs vote to include seal skin on Olympic uniforms

OTTAWA - Canada's members of parliament are trying to send an Olympic-sized message to the world by unanimously voting Wednesday to have the country's Vancouver Winter Games athletes wear seal skin on their uniforms.


A few great comments from people who do care..

Jennie Christensen
Wow, I must be really out of touch with the world! Since when has the Olympics become a political venue? As well, the unanimous vote is a complete shock, since I wasn't aware that ALL Canadians were in support of something so ludicrous as to put baby seal fur on Olympians. The EU has also banned the export of grizzly hides resulting from trophy hunting, so what's next on the MP's agenda? Making the Canada Men's Hockey Team don grizzly furs as they play to the gold? Instead of spending thousands of dollars on fur coats from slaughtered seals to outfilt our Olympians, why doesn't the Canadian government spend the money on support programs for our athletes so we can actually win some medals!

p.s. it's photos like the one on this article that gets all the reactionary indignation going. WHITECOATS HAVEN'T BEEN HUNTED IN OVER 20 YEARS! It is persmissible to hunt them once they are abandoned by their mothers (i.e. when mother nature considers them old enough to fend for themselves, regardless of human sentiment on the matter)

The WWF and UN both deem the Canadian seal hunt to be humane. I hope everyone on here with their knickers in a twist about the 'poor baby seals' has never eaten meat, all of which is slaughtered in a very similar way to these seals (albeit behind closed doors). The world was ready to make political statements about China when the games were in Beijing. Why can't we make political statements when our legitimate industries are being unjustly attacked by the EU and US?

I'm quite sure this stupidity on the part of our government has made a negative impact on Canada in the world and our games. I'm quite sure we'll be paying for the games long after Harper is on a pension and the added cost of the govenment making this stupid, angry and childish protest, will be noticed by the possible tourists all over the world. Everyone hates people who kill seals. Use your head Harper government. This could be the single most stupid thing your government has done to stop your party from being elected again; provincially or federally - I will never vote Tory!

I was appalled that our parliamentarians would be so stupid as to even think of having the athlete's wear seal skin. It would be a dreadful step to politicize the games in this fashion. Yuck. I'm glad that the Olympic committee does not seem to be in favour of this idiocy.

My comment in Facebook...

how stupid must this government realy be????
You can recrute a government from any kindergarten in Canada and it would be less embarassing! Incredible never seen something like this...
I am glad that the IOC will not accept this! Nobody can abuse olympic games for political campaigning...not even Canada!

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