Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Facebook is the place to be for people who want to make a difference

Allmost 4 weeks without any reply....
Today I received a message from the Facebook team!

Hi Hans,

Facebook has limits in place to prevent behavior that other users may find annoying or abusive. These limits restrict the rate at which you can use certain features on the site. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the specific rates that have been deemed abusive.

Your account was disabled because you exceeded Facebook's limits on multiple occasions when writing on Walls, despite having been warned to slow down.

However, after reviewing your situation, we have reactivated your account, and you should now be able to log in. Please be aware that if your account is disabled again, we will not be able to reactivate it. Once logged in, please slow down the rate at which you write on Walls. We appreciate your cooperation going forward.

Thanks for your understanding,

User Operations

It would be great if we would know the can you follow the rules if
you dont know them....its like a speed limit that you dont know about...
They can give you a ticket for speeding at any speed..

But one thing is for sure there is no better place to make a difference! Sspecially if Randi Zuckerberg discovers that people who care about something spend much more time in Facebook! And since we all know that time is money... i guess that they will soon encourage people who want to make a difference to use Facebook to fight good causes!
There is not much competition from sites where you can make a difference! Because most of them dont work! Facebook is the most effective social media system!

Thank you all for your help! Join one person in Facebook and send good Karma to Facebook!

Sending Good Karma works....

Hans Lak

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