Friday, April 17, 2009

Twitter is just too funny!

You know that i have tried to get a password for my Twitter account right..?

They are not able to help members with 5 days....they keep sending BS messages and they admit that they dont have a clue! Note: we're currently experiencing some problems
thats realy funny they realy have no idea how important safety is for members.....
We dont use applications and tools that dont work they realy are insane at Twitter!

Hi there,

Twitter has it's own Facebook app that allows your Twitter updates to post to your Facebook profile. Find out more about using Twitter and Facebook here:

Note: we're currently experiencing some problems with the Facebook application
As of about 4:00pm on Thursday, April 9th 2009, Facebook hasn't been updated with new tweets. We're working on fixing, and it should be back to normal tomorrow! You can find out more here:

and here:

This wont stop you from adding the application, but you wont see your tweets post to Facebook until we fix it. If you're having a problem with something else, please reply to this email and let us know.

I will email them again and see if i get the same message like ten time before...LOL

Social media are fun..

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