Friday, April 17, 2009

Twitter is definitely not ready for serious business

Its friday today and i still cannot use my @HansLak account! One person can make a difference!


Twitter has been very active sending mails but they did not solve the problem and i know from many people who cannot get to their accounts....

The weekend has definitely shown that Twitter will have to grow up before we can realy use it
for our causes! I am glad that only one account has been affected but its crazy that they cannot simply restore a account...give me a new password and i am ready!

But i can send messages and more messages i keep on getting the same answer it should work!

I understand when professionals dont start with Twitter realy is not ready for
serious business!

It would be great if they could invest the money to make Twitter safe for members!
Money is not the problem they have enough money to make it safer than all the other social media sites! And i hope they will for Twitter will give us great real time search opportunities!

Have a nice weekend

Hans Lak
One person can make a difference

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