Friday, April 24, 2009

Twitter has finally reacted i am sure that Getsatisfaction has been the reason for this help!

I have my one person can make a difference account in Twitter back!

@HansLak is online again i can tweet again after 12 days without any possibility to tweet
anything! I will try to tweet every day!

Facebook is a lot more difficult i have just asked Facebook for the 10th time to enable my account again and i know that hundreds of people have also asked Facebook...without any reaction!

Facebook realy does not care about members thats for can you ignore so many messages ?????

I think we can all appreciate that Facebook is focused on creating a safe, spam-free environment made up of real people. That's why so many of us are there, right?

But it doesn't make sense for us to go on investing ourselves into a system that will 1.) abruptly terminate our accounts for the merest suspicion of unacceptable activities, 2.) provide scant evidence of our misdeeds, and 3.) give us such vague remedies for resolving in a timely and predictable manner. This kind of system asks us to abandon our online social experience to a closed and authoritarian police state!

The weekend is here and my account is still disabled no chance to fight for the whales and polar bears..... please join the whaledefenders in Facebook! And sign for the polar bears! 500 more whaledefenders needed to reach 10.000 6000 signatures needed to reach 10.000 until may 8

Thank you for all that you do to help me!
Hans Lak

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