Friday, April 17, 2009

Facebook not realy the place for making a difference.....

Directly after i wrote the Twitter story my Facebook account has been disabled without any warning and without any message about why they have disabled the account!

Facebook is about you and your friends not about making a difference thats for sure.....

All that i did was thanking friends with messages ...all just new members of the one person can make a difference group! Who have added me to their friends list!

I know that Facebook can disable the account for abuse but what kind of abuse would this be?

With many groups and causes in Facebook i am not in Facebook for fun....and i guess that Facebook is realy not ready for professionals! They should think again about the groups and the reason why people should start groups in Facebook...

If you think that Facebook should not disable accounts without a real reason of abuse
send them your message

Facebook could be the best place for making a difference if they would allow be realy active...

Have a nice weekend stay safe dont send to many messages to your friends in Facebook!

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