Friday, April 10, 2009

Can you make a difference by just inviting friends?

In all the years that i have tried to make a difference i have seen that many people think they cannot make a difference anyway....

Making a difference does not mean that you have to write a book like my friend Steve N Lee
What if...
'What if...?' blends political intrigue and roller-coaster action with a thought-provoking exploration of how we might build a green, socially just world where every man, woman and child truly is equal. Shootouts, car chases and conspiracies are interwoven with human rights and environmental crises, creating a chilling, real-life picture of the world and a story that's as moving as it is thrilling.

You can start by inviting friends to join one person can make a difference!
Every single person makes a difference! Its all about creating awareness and
to create awareness you need numbers! And people with compassion!

I have done very much research on social media and following some of the experts very interesting to see how social media will change everything even the way people will market products will change...

The wildlifefoundation site is now a partner of the endangered species coalition and we have
created the leading Url for the polarbear petition.....

And the twitter account to stop extinction!

Please join one person and follow us on Twitter

Happy Easter to all of you!
Hans Lak
One person can make a difference....

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