Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why match2blue will be the future?

Do you want to know why Match2blue will be the future of mobile social networking?

Katrin Verclas the founder of http://mobileactive.org/
MobileActive.org is a community of people and organizations using mobile phones for social impact.

Data from Informa indicates that by 2010 half of the planet's population will have access to the Internet through a mobile device. Should you make your website mobile? We have heard recently from a number of organizations contemplating whether they should build a mobile site. Following is an overview of some points to consider and resources to draw on as you consider a mobile web presence.

A bit of background: There are now 4 billion mobiles phone subscribers around the world, according to the ITU, far outpacing Internet users worldwide. GSMA, the industry group for telecom companies, reports that more than 80% of the World population is currently covered by a GSM network.

This means that mobiles have become the most ubiquitous communication device in human history. It also means that a majority of the world's population will access the web via their mobile phones. And this means that organizations around the world need to think about what this means for their users, audience, and websites.

I think that matching is what it is all about how do you reach new fellow activists?

match2blue - the truly mobile social network
match2blue enables you to meet new friends and find old ones anywhere, anytime. It takes location-and interest-based mobile social networking to the next level.

match2blue allows you to connect to new people. You can do so via a variety of new options after you've completed and uploaded a short profile containing your interests and a list of communities you belong to.

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  1. Right now match2blue is only supported by iphone & iphone can only be used on the AT&T network (O2 in the UK). I don't use AT&T so I will never have an iphone. Pity.