Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twitter! The next big thing for making a difference?

Twitter is realy funny!

I have started a few accounts on Twitter and its interesting to see how it is working!

Since one person was allready taken i use my name for the One person twitter account
http://twitter.com/HansLak One person can make a difference

The whaledefenders can meet on Twitter and try to stop commercial whaling together!

The wildlifefoundation fighting for the protection of all endangered species together with the endangered species coalitition is now also on twitter! Stop Extinction

The truly mobile social network! With my insiderinformation i can tell you that this will be
a very powerful communication tool if you want to make a difference!

WTF? The truth about the WWF!

You can see match2blue as the perfect combination of Loopt and Twitter but with many more
ways to find perfect matches and also to send messages....

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