Monday, March 9, 2009

The Future of Mobile Social Networks

match2blue - the truly mobile social network
match2blue enables you to meet new friends and find old ones anywhere, anytime. It takes location-and interest-based mobile social networking to the next level.

match2blue allows you to connect to new people. You can do so via a variety of new options after you've completed and uploaded a short profile containing your interests and a list of communities you belong to.

Now you can search for people who have identical or similar interests to yours. If you belong to a particular community, check to see who the other members in your vicinity are; if you want to join a certain community, just look up its members and get involved. match2blue already features communities that have more than 10 million members combined. Right now, you can connect to university alumni, environmental groups, lifestyle communities and political movements, and the list is growing!

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