Monday, March 9, 2009

Care2 versus Facebook?

I have been one of the most active members in Care2 last year and have been suspended a few times. Somehow social networks dont see to understand that people who invest lots of time and create very much traffic make the social networks....

If i look how much time i have invested in Care2 because i believed that it is THE place to make a difference with 10.000.000 members... and if i see that my wildlifefoundation action group had 630 members after one year and 70.000 messages
300 news stories that made it to the C2NN frontpage and hundreds of shares....
CARE2 is just a waste of time! If you realy want to make a difference forget Care2!

I have never liked My Space and Facebook but now that i know how effective Facebook is i must say that i am realy afraid to get my account deleted with 1250 friends that would be gone and many groups and causes that i have started! I have more than 6000 members for the wildlifefoundation actiongroup whales! In 8 weeks!

Thats why i say Facebook is the best place to make a difference on the web!

I am looking forward to the truly mobile social network!

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  1. Care2 doesn't have the zing for me that it once did and I find myself spending less and less time there. I've posted well over 3,000 stories there and have sat there and watched many hardcore activists get banned for stupid ass reasons.