Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The most sustainable booth at the Vakantiebeurs in UTRECHT Kudos to Ed and his Team!

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You don't find many people at the Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht who think about a sustainable future for their industry! 99% is still in Business as usual mode that includes the management of the Vakantiebeurs! They had a great CHANCE to change the concept of the Vakantiebeurs and make it a lot more sustainable! Tradeshows should lead the industry when it comes to accelerating the Change towards sustainability!  Take a look at the ISPO in Munich and you see what i mean! Messe Munich is the most sustainable Fairground in the world..and a true leader when it comes to sustainability!

The ANVR congress today is about CHANGE TOURISM! 
Will keep you informed about the Strategy for a sustainable FUTURE for this not very sustainable industry!   And introduce you to great thoughtleaders in the next few days!

Like Autostadt in Germany or Deutsche Bahn! Germany is a world leader when it comes to sustainability!  Holland could learn a lot from their German friends! And even more from Switzerland the most competetive most innovative and most sustainable country in the world!