Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happiness Starts with Connection

Listen to this song of Connection and see how the Ball of Connection brings happiness to people who suddenly start interacting together.. the first step to work together to build a sustainable future! Kudos to my Friend Salem Samhoud founder of & Samhoud and the &Samhoud Foundation he truly makes a huge difference with his work connecting people...and managing CHANGE at its best....


Connected people are happier and more successful

&intoconnection has done the largest worldwide scientific research on connection. The research focuses on what it means to people when they are strongly connected or not. The outcome is that strongly connected people have more fun in life and in their work. Not only are they happier, they also appear to be more successful. Strongly connected people apparently know better what they want in life and how they can succeed in getting there. The research proves that connection greatly influences people’s lives in a very positive way. The research took place in 14 countries among more then 10,000 people, and will soon be published both in a book and on this website.
Read the intoconnection-research-summary
Or read the file with the outcome of our research summary-of-international-data

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Time is our scarcest resource!


Time is our scarcest resource 

Pioneers Lester Brown, David Suzuki, Jonathan Porritt and others say that we are in a race against time. We are living in a small window when we can still affect positive change, have the technology to deliver that change, and could see the benefits of action towards sustainability for the planet. Inaction poses the greatest security threat.


If you don't start listening to these experts, and start doing something to save this planet, then you have no one to blame but yourselves, everyone thinks that the government should save everything, but it must come from the citizens of this planet, if you start small then big changes will come   We can still CHANGE the World but we don't have much time!

We can CHANGE the world but we have to take action! Start reducing your IMPACT take a look at your personal ECO Footprint and start reducing can't wait for your Government they will not CHANGE anything they are not interested...just look at RIO....who realy cares about the FUTURE of this Planet? Does the USA realy care? Does Europe realy Care? Does CHINA realy care... WE must BE the CHANGE we wish to see in this world!

Our scarcest resource is time - YouTube

Our scarcest resource is time - YouTube

7 Arguments Against Nuclear Power (Why It Should Be a NoGo) - CleanTechnica

7 Arguments Against Nuclear Power (Why It Should Be a NoGo) - CleanTechnica

7 Arguments Against Nuclear Power (Why It Should Be a No-Go) (via Clean Technica)
  A reader recently dropped the below quote/list in a comment on a post regarding nuclear power in Australia. I thought it was an excellent one and have been meaning to get to it for awhile. It certainly summarizes my own 7 reasons for being against nuclear. While some people (well, most people)…

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sustainability Pays find the ultimate collection of studies by Hunter Lovins

businesscasereports.pdf (application/pdf-Objekt)

If you follow this link you will find a great collection of studies that prove the Business Case for Sustainability! 

Sustainability Pays
Studies That Prove the Business Case for Sustainability
When those wild-eyed environmentalists at Goldman Sachs tell you that the
companies that are the leaders in sustainable, social and good governance
policies have 25% higher stock value than their less sustainable competitors,
there’s a business case for behaving in ways that are more responsible to the
planet and to people.
This annotated list describes the ever-growing number of studies, most by
conventional management consulting houses, academic institutions and similar
establishment entities that prove this assertion.
As climate change, natural resource constraints, rapid development in emerging
economies, and a host of other factors drive unprecedented changes in
business, this will only grow stronger.
This document is a resource to help you understand how business leaders can
profit by integrating sustainability into their strategy and value-chain while
securing a competitive advantage.
Leading companies increasingly will evaluate their performance using an
integrated bottom line. This new measure places financial performance in the
context of a firm’s environmental and social impacts to gauge its competitiveness
in the marketplace more holistically. It recognizes the interdependent relation
between business, environment, and society and emphasizes that businesses
gain by identifying shared opportunities to support all three.

Sustainability is Good for Business Good for the People and Good for the Planet!